Competition is a very important part of an athlete’s development. We offer many different opportunities for athletes to compete throughout the entire season. SPY is both a USA Swimming team and YMCA swimming team so our meets range from 3 day meets which take place over Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to one day YMCA dual meets which take place on 1 afternoon. Coaches will make recommendations for meets that swimmers should attend. We do not discourage swimmers from competing at any meets, however there may be meets that require qualifying times which swimmers may not be eligible for. You can always contact a coach for questions about any meets

Some benefits to consider for competing in meets:

  • Socialization with other athletes, parents, coaches to breed a more fun experience

  • Race experience which helps athletes to figure out how to push their limits

  • Working towards a goal and tracking improvement

  • Reward of success both internal and external

  • Gaining confidence and boosting self esteem through improvement

These are some guidelines to help swimmers through meets

  • Speak with a coach before and after your races. Coaches will help to focus an athlete before their races and give important feedback on how they can improve through practice.

  • Swimmers wearing a cap should wear their white SPY Cap with name on it so they are recognizable on blocks and to volunteers lining up swimmers for their races. Swimmers are encouraged to wear a team suit at all competitions as well.

  • Swimmers should sit in the crash area with other swimmers to get to know their teammates better. Crash areas will be different depending on meets and information on crash areas will be placed on the event pages for each event so you know what to expect.