2019 Long Course Registration

Open for Returning Members

3/20/19 - 3/30/19

Open for New Members

3/21/19 - 4/10/19


Welcome to the Springfield YMCA Swim Team Electronic Registration platform for our upcoming Long Course swim season! You can now register your swimmers online at any time during the day. Families who registered in the fall with the Year Around Montly billing will automatically be added to the Long Course Roster.

Billing and Roster Groups

For the Long Course season we will have Five different Billing groups.

Beginner, Age Group, Advanced Age Group, Senior Prep, and Senior

Roster Groups for the Long Course season will be expected to be simlar to the roster groups of the Short Course season, with changes made for swimmers aging up as appropriate. We will not finalize roster groups until the registration process is complete. 

Payment Options

The Long Course Season runs April 8th through July 26th. You can pay Monthly (4 Payments) or for the entire season (1 Payment). You can also register for Spring Training which will be April 8th through the June 1st, or Summer Training which will go June 3rd through July 26th. Spring Trianing and Summer Training are offered with 1 payment.

The practice schedules will be similar for each group as they were during the Short Course season, but there are some changes. See the proposed practice schedule here.

No payment will be collected during the registration process. Fees for Long Course season will begin the 1st of April. 

Spring Training Fees:

Beginner: $120.00

Age Group: $130.00

Advanced Age Group: $140.00

Senior Prep: $155.00

Senior: $165.00

Summer Training Fees:

Beginner: $160.00

Age Group: $210.00

Advanced Age Group: $210.00

Senior Prep: $230.00

Senior: $260.00

Long Course Season Fees

Beginner: $250 / $62.50 per month

Age Group: $290 / $72.50 per month

Advanced Age Group: $300 / 75.00 per month

Senior Prep: $350 / $87.50 per month

Senior: $380.00 / $95.00 per month

We look forward to having you join the Springfield YMCA Swim Team and are excited for another great season!

Registration is not open. Please come back later.