June and Juy 2020

Open for Returning Members

5/22/20 - 6/30/20

Open for New Members

5/22/20 - 5/31/20


The purpose of this registration will be to get up to date number of athletes want to participate with SPY for the months of June and July. Per my email on Thursday 5/21, due to a lack of guidelines for the opening of pools from the Illinois Department of Public Health I am unable to provide a practice schedule or fees given that the guidelines will dictate how we are able to train this summer. When guidelines are given I will be able to get final approval from the YMCA and share a finalized practice schedule and fees. Please consider the following items....

Considerations regardless of where practice will take place....

  • Athletes will need to arrive at swim practice in their swim suit and leave in their swim suit. There will be no changing in locker rooms. 
  • Athletes will need to take their equipement to and from each practice. There will be no equipment storage available for the foreseeable future. If athletes do not have their own equipment we can arrange to lend equipment if available during this time.
  • Athletes will need to bring their own (full) water bottle for practice. You should assume that drinking fountains will not be available for use during practices. 
  • Athletes will be asked to allow space for their peronsal belongings on the pool deck. Specifics will be determined by a facility and shared prior to practice beginning.
  • Athletes will come to practice individually and leave individually, exceptions for sibling will be determined by facility policies. This means that athletes should not be traveling in groups and they need to maintain appropriate distance from one another when arriving at or departing from practice.

Addtional considerations from USA Swimming (These will ultimately be determined by IDPH guidelines)

  • USA Swimming has provided guidance on how to space athletes in lanes during practice. I will share those protocls when IDPH has provided guidelines. 
  • Spacing in practice will include athletes starting at different ends of the pool and in some cases swimmers starting in the middle of the pool to maintain appropriate distance for certain age groups. 
  • There will be protocols for athletes to enter and exit the water. Those protocols will be covered prior to practice begining. 

Additional considerations for facilities

  • Any facility in which we have practice may have their own set or protocols for entering or exiting a facility. I will share those protocols prior to practices beginning so atheletes are aware. 
  • Any facility may have protocols for use of the restrooms (locker rooms). We will not provide group restroom breaks during practice as we have accomodated for younger swimmers in the past. Any specific protocols for accessing restrooms or locker rooms while at a facility will be shared prior to practices beginning.
  • Athletes will not be permitted to arrive early or wait on pool deck for practice. You should anticipate a time buffer between scheduled practices to minimize out of water interactions. When appropriate I will attempt to provide practice for siblings at the same time. That will not be appropriate in all cases. 
  • We will do our best to not over burden athletes with protocols when possible. For Example, USA Swimming currently recommends a temperature check when arriving on deck for practice, but if a temperature is taken upon entering a facility we will not do it again when accessing another area.  

Notes from Coach Alex

  • We will rely heavily on communication to athletes to make sure they are aware of all pertinent protocols for attending practice. I ask all parents/guardians to share protocols with athletes once they are shared with you. If appropriate I will host a Zoom Meeting to brief anyone on protocols. This will be new for all coaches and athletes.
  • It is possible that the practice schedule may change over the course of the summer. In this scenario any changes would be due to our region of the Restore Illinois plan entering a new phase and the changes implemented would be to provide addtional practice time to athletes if possible. This may result in a change in fees. For example, if pool time and the number of swimmers is severely limited in the beginning of Phase 3 those fees would be less than if we would be offering more practice time after Phase 3. 
  • Dryland will continue to be a part of the program. We will not be able to provide dryland workouts on the pool deck in the immediate future. I will prioritize in-person swim practices over in-person dryland practices, but will be evaluating in-person dryland practices once guidelines are shared and a final schedule can be determined. If necessary I will continue to offer virtual dryland practices in a similar fashion that has been occuring during May.