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The SWIFT Aquatics Parent Advisory Board meets on a monthly basis.  All are welcome to attend!  Please submit any agenda items to the President by the Monday prior to each meeting. 

The Parent  Board operates much like a school PTA or Booster Club in supporting the team.   Issues related to the Coaching Staff, Practices, and Facilities are NOT handled by the board.  If you have any questions related to these issues please contact the Head Coach.

To contact a Parent Advisory Board Member, click on their name below.

SWIFT Aquatics Parent Advisory Board: Bylaws
SWIFT Aquatics New Family Overview


SWAQ Parent Advisory Board Members

 President  E-mail this Account Tina Bui
 Vice-President  E-mail this Account Adela Buzila
 Treasurer  E-mail this Account Jennifer Pham
 Concessions  E-mail this Account Raluca Cozma
 E-mail this Account
 Secretary  E-mail this Account Deb Lust
 Fundraising and Development  E-mail this AccountVacant
 Social Coordinator(s)  E-mail this Account Jennifer Pham
 Hospitality Coordinators  E-mail this Account Diana Dizon
 E-mail this Account Vacant
 Director(s) of Meet Operations  E-mail this Account Seth Orlove
 E-mail this Account TJ Moran
 E-mail this Account Mat Twillie
 E-mail this Account Tina Bui
 Volunteer Coordinator  E-mail this Account Dmitri Chapovalov
E-mail this Account Vacant
 E-mail this Account TJ Moran
 Director of Officials  E-mail this Account Vacant