Sage YMCA Piranhas 2022 Long Course Season Thank you for your interest in the Piranhas Swim Team! We are thrilled to get back in the water this fall and look forward to the upcoming Short Course season. Holistically, Sage Aquatics strives to be a family and community that embodies the core values of the YMCA. We train hard, we have fun, and we help each other where we can. Our coaches swam USA Club, collegiate, and YMCA teams. We come from a competitive swim background, modern/advanced training is incorporated throughout. But the intent is to balance competitive training with our mission as an organization. Athlete physical and mental well-being is crucial. As you read the group descriptions you’ll see that the program is designed to serve all needs. Age Group creates a solid understanding of crucial competitive skills, while allowing the flexibility for young athletes to explore multiple sports. Then, Intermediate Group and Senior Group serve swimmers ready for a higher level of dedication and training. Please see the evaluation tab for more information about joining the Piranhas Swim Team! We look forward to seeing you in the water! -Sage YMCA Piranhas Coaching Staff


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