WCS Collegiate Swimmers
These Shark alumni WORKED HARD, SWAM FAST, and had, or are planning to have, even MORE FUN in college!!
Megan Pierce 2021 St. Norbert's College
Luke Wiesner 2021 University of Illinois @ Chicago 
Patrick White 2019 Ball State University
Nick Vance 2019 Florida State University
Alex Kennedy 2018 Millikan University
Garrett Clasen 2018 University of Chicago
Theresa Carriveau 2017 Sweet Briar College
Nicholas Amodeo 2017 Illinois College
Stephanie Palczynski 2017 Lewis University
Natalie Nelson 2017 University of Northern Iowa
Connor Todd 2016 Anderson University
Carson Rose 2016 Southwestern Oregon Community College
Noah Randall 2016 Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Lindsey Bruce 2016 Illinois College
Hannah Olsen 2016 University of Illinois-Chicago
Matt Rogers 2016 Emory University
Tim Hope 2016 West Virginia University
Jackson Cooper 2016 John Carroll University
Brendan Howley 2015 Denison University
Aidan Culloton 2015 St. John's University
Jon Burke 2013 Michigan State University
Yvette Kruk 2013 Illinois State University
Maya Skorupski 2013 Bowling Green University
Jack Eichenberger 2013 Air Force Academy
Kelly Dunn 2011 University of Nebraska
Neil Hummer 2011 North Central College
Torie Riban 2011 Robert Morris College
Caitlyn Madsen 2010 Grand Valley State
Kelly Loftus 2010 Carthage College
Maria Sedjo 2010 Calvin College
Rachel Howe 2008 Eastern Illinois University
Brian Hummer 2008 North Central College
Caitlin Krengel 2007 University of Northern Iowa
Julia Shallcross 2007 University of Illinois-Chicago
Katie McLeland 2007 Biola University
Jacob Murphy 2007 University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
Kelly Mateas 2006 University of Northern Iowa
Jeff Lesniak 2005 Southern Illinois University
Matt Marvan 2005 College of DuPage
Nicole Franz 2005 Ripon College
Katie Bass 2005 Millikin University
Jackie Vavrek 2004 University of Wisconsin-Madison
Rachel Rivera 2004 Western Illinois University
Kristin DeKeyrel 2004 Illinois State University
Emily Biancalana 2003 University of Illinois-Chicago
Brenda Banning 2001 Purdue University
Brittany Pusavc 2002 College of DuPage
Chris Bass 2002 Millikin University
Cathy Wilken 2001 Bradley University
Tracy Drzal 2000 Lewis University
Becky Manning 1995 Cornell University
Kate Ryan 1994 University of Illinois
Jenny Weigand 1994 Illinois State University
Angie Lowell 1994 Illinois State University
Corrie Gilgallon 1993 University of Missouri
Erin Myers 1992 University of Michigan
T.J. Weigand 1992 Southern Illinois University
Carol Petusky 1991 Illinois State University
Carrie Ryan 1990 Illinois State University
Mary Beth Eaton 1987 Augustana College
Jenny Sheriff 1986 Beloit College
David Sheriff 1984 Air Force Academy