Fall SC Season 2022-2023

Practices will begin Tuesday, September 6th.

Registration is now open. As we are now limited in our practice groups, we ask that if you are interested, please sign up during this time.  We will start letting new members register, based on our open slots after two weeks.. If your level is full, please sign up under the wait list option and we will contact you for more information.  

We will be practicing at Woodstock North High School. CLICK HERE to see the current practice schedule. Or you can go to Team > Practice Schedule from the main page.

We will be having to pay for a full season this year with the option for payment plan for FULL Season ONLY. SC Full Season will have the option for a payment plan.  A one-time Registration Fee will be charged at the time of registration to hold your spot on the team. Due to added expenses for cleaning from the Woodstock School District, our fees have increased.


SC Full Season September through February

One-time Registration Fee

$35 Registration Fees

SC Full Season September -February

SC Full Season -Full Payment

SC Season -

Payment Plan

Blue (3 days)


$133 a month for 6 months

Bronze (4 days)


$138 a month for 6 months

Silver (3 days)


Silver (5 days)




$148 a month for 6 months

$174 fa month for 6 months

Gold (3 day)


Gold (5 days)




$189 a month for 6 months

$219 a month for 6 months

Diamond (6days)


$237 a month for 6 months


High-School Rates 

One-time Registration Fee

$35 Registration Fees




Boys HS: Sept- Nov (+champs) 

Girls HS: Nov-Feb

SC Full Season -Full Payment

SC Season -

Payment Plan

HS 3 day


$192 a month for 3 months

HS 5 day 


$224 a month for 3 months

HS 6 day


$239 a month for 3 months 





If you have any questions concerning payment options, contact Sarah Lesniak at  [email protected]


The club holds a charter with USA Swimming and Illinois Swimming Inc.  A requirement of this charter is that EVERY SWIMMER must be registered with USA Swimming and Illinois Swimming Inc.  This registration provides mandatory liability insurance for athletes, as well as sanctioning competitions.  The registration is required once annually, and is renewed in September (or when a swimmer joining or returns to the club) All swimmers new to USA swimming, as well as any swimmers who return to the club at any point during the season are required to pay this fee.  This is a non-refundable fee for ALL swimmers, including those swimmers who withdraw during the first week of practice.
USA Flex Registration.  This costs only $20.00  Your swimmer can only swim in two USA Sanctioned meets for the entire year, not including the championship meets.  This is a good option if you are new to swimming and just want to try it out or if you are using swimming as a way to cross train for another sport.  If your swimmer wants to upgrade to the Premium membership, the fee for the Flex Membership is applied to the upgrade.This is only allowed for swimmers 17 and younger. 
Premium Membership: The Premium membership registration is $83.00 for the 2021 - 2022 seasons. (9/1/2021 - 12/31/2022).  This includes unlimited meets for the entire year. It also allows for participation in Championship Meets.  This is the option for Fall Registration.


Equipment and Travel Expenses

All swimmers are expected to provide their own goggles, swim caps, suits, and towels.  Team suits and caps are mandatory for competitions and are purchased from the designated vendor. 


A $10 surcharge will be assessed per athlete at all meets per session for each meet. This fee supports paying coaches at meets.  For any meet requiring a hotel stay by our coaches, the fees of all expenses will be evenly split between the Atheltes attending. Furthermore, for championship  meets(Regionals, Age Group Champs, Senior Champs, Secrionals, etc.) and above, swimmers attending are responsible for All expenses of coaches.