Long Course Season 2023

Open for Returning Members

2/20/23 - 7/10/23

Open for New Members

2/20/23 - 7/10/23


Welcome to the WDST Long Course Spring/Summer 2023 Season!

Please READ ALL AGREEMENTS carefully.  

  • Our Full Season runs from April 10th through our Championships meets starting the week of July 15th.

  • The summer Season will run from May 30th to the middle to end of July. 

  • There will be no 3-day options for silver/gold for Long Course Season since it is a shorter season.**

    • Blue (3 days)

    • Bronze (4 days)

    • Silver (5 days)

    • Gold (5 days)

    • Diamond (5 day+ Saturday (if no meet))

  • Are you in a spring sport?  You can join afterward for the summer months.  Check out our Options for Mid- May, and Summer (recreation season).


You will then have the choice of the following options:

Different Options for plans: 

  • Full Season Payment in Full (April)

  • Full Season Payment Plan (April-July)

  • LC Mid-May Payment in Full (May)

  • LC Mid-May Payment Plan (Mid-may- July)

  • Spring Season Payment in Full(April)

  • Recreation Season Payment in Full (June)


We will also have night 2-a-day practice options starting in June, cost separately. 


During this registration, everyone will have to pay the  $35 registration fee + a $15 team t-shirt fee.


If you haven't already, you will need to Register with USA Swimming!

You will have to go to the USA Swimming website to sign up for an account. Parents do the full USA Swim Registration! Follow these links below to get registered with our team! 

If you want to have your swimmer evaluated, please contact our Head Coach Sharon at [email protected] or our new Registration Director & Assistant Head Coach, Sarah at [email protected].


We look forward to having you join the Woodstock Dolphins and are excited for another great season!