Our calendar has been updated on our site and is labeled Practice Calendar.   

  • Each group has their own color.
  • Practices are listed in order by start time
  • Hit the + number to show all practices.
  • National and Senior we listed as WC, COD and for early morning North Side


The Practice Calendar contains practice dates/times/locations for all of our training groups and meet information.  It is a Google calendar, so it is exportable to your own electronic calendar.  Looking at the entire calendar can be a bit overwhelming, so we have designed it to be flexible for your family’s needs.

The default “view” of the calendar includes all “events”.  To view only the training group(s) that your swimmers attend, click the drop-down box in the upper right corner (see below).  In that box, de-select the groups you don’t want to display. 

The calendar may be viewed by month, week, or agenda by using the tabs in the upper right of the calendar.

Some families prefer to import the calendar to their own electronic device.  Click the “+Google Calendar” button in the lower right corner to add to your personal calendar.  Follow the on-screen instructions for your individual situation.

What does it mean when if the calendar indicates TBA?

In this case, there is an event at one of our pools which prevents us practicing there (like a HS meet or game).   Most likely, our practices will be moved to different locations/times so that we don’t have to cancel practice.    Check the calendar again at a later date to determine the practice status.

What happens if there is bad weather?

We watch weather closely and if needed we may cancel practices. The website will always be your best source of information.  As soon as we receive confirmation from our host pools, we will post the information. (An additional safe guard is to set up your cell in the SMS system so you can get a text) 

What if I can’t see the entire calendar in my browser window?

Depending on your browser settings or screen size, you may not be able to view the entire calendar under the monthly view.  Switching to either weekly or agenda view usually solves this problem.