Are group assignments a season long placement?

No.  If a swimmer’s placement needs to be adjusted, the coaches will contact parent to discuss moving their swimmer to a more appropriate training group. 


How do the team’s fees compare to other teams in the area?

The coaching staff has investigated the cost of comparable programs in the Midwest and set the fees based upon this research.  We are very confident that we are one of the best valued program in the area and encourage you to research other area team’s fees, competitive results, and rate of swimmer improvement.  


Is attendance mandatory at all practices?

No. However, in the upper ability groupings, the coaches encourage full participation at practice for the sake of athletic development for the swimmers. The coaches try to maintain a relaxed atmosphere and social opportunities while at the same time encouraging a competitive work ethic.   There are attendance requirements for participation in the National Level meets.


What do I wear at swim practice and meets?

Team suits are not mandatory but we ask for every swimmer to wear a Wheaton swim cap at any and all meets. 


Are all the coaches full-time?

The two lead coaches are full-time in the sport and are committed to a long-term role on the team.  All coaches are committed to building a solid, strong, fully enrolled team for the future.  The remaining coaches are part-time.


Are there qualifying sets for Sr. Elite, Age Group Elite or Gold?

Not formally, however Gold swimmers should be able to do 100s on 2:00, Age Group Elite swimmers should be able to do 100s on 1:30 and Sr. Elite swimmers should be able to do 100s on 1:20.  See group descriptions for specifics.


What is a typical workout like?

A workout typically is structured to allow swimmers to learn-by-doing.  After a warm-up, instruction is given in stroke drills, race strategy, etc.  The swimmers are then given the chance to apply this teaching to their own swimming.  Generally a “main set” takes up a large part of the second half of practice for our upper groups.  Swimmers also will do kicking, starts, turns, etc. on a rotating basis. 


Is there an official Head Coach?

Coach Chris and Coach Bob are equal partners in the ownership of the team and as such handle different aspects of the program. A more accurate description would be that there are two associate head coaches.