Will we be charged for events if my child does not swim at hosted meet?

All registered swimmers will be billed for hosted meets whether they choose to swim or not.

All registered swimmers are charged a set fee based on total events and ISI/facility fees.  Below is specific info for who will be included and charged in 2020 LC hosted meets. 

  • June 13-14 meet will include all registered swimmers for Session 1, 2 and Full Season
  • July 18-19 meet will include all registered swimmers in Session 3 and Full Season


Why am I being charged for a swim meet before we attend the meet?

When a host team accepts our entry, we send them payment for our swimmers’ entries. Shortly after this occurs, we post meet entry billing to our swimmers’ accounts.  Our swimmers are responsible for paying for meet entries that they COMMIT to attend, not those that they are actually ABLE to attend. Our billing system allows us to bill on a rolling basis, as the entries are made, rather than at specific times during the season.


What is the surcharge vs the facility charge in the meet packet?

The surcharge is what we use to pay for relays., as well as to cover coaches travel or in the case of the Intrasquad meet, snacks and pool rental.  Every team adds surcharges to cover expenses of meets.  The facility charge is to use the building/pool.  Every team adds a facility charge.


Is there a Travel Fee for any meets?

For overnight travel meets that include (but not limited to) WI Rec Plex, Indy, and NCSA a set family fee will be charged.  See current season information on registration site for rates.  Typically $15-$100 depending on duration of meet and location.

For non overnight meets like UIC and St. Charles we are staying in line with USA Swimming recommendations and Wheaton will add a $.50 surcharge per event to each swimmer that participates. 

In addition, if attending National Meets, there may be an additional charge and coaches will discuss with individual families.


How do I see what I have paid on my account so far this year?

Login to your account & navigate to “$My Invoice/Payment” from the left side menus.  While in the invoices tab, click the Billing History link.  This section provides a list of monthly invoices including amount paid, account balance, and the status of the invoice.  In this case, “paid in full” means that the INVOICE has been paid in full.  Your account may be billed for remaining swimmer fees (October & November) and meet fees as the season progresses.


How can I see if my credit card is “on file”?

Login to the website.  Navigate to My Account.  This should bring you to the “Billing Account Configuration” page.  Select the tab called “$ Payment Setup”.   If you have chosen to have a CC on file, the box information indicates to “automatically charge CC listed below”.  The following line contains information about the CC:  name, card type, last 4 digits of the card you have on file.


Why is there a late fee on my account?

The billing and payment system allows 15 days from the time of billing to make a payment.  Your account will ALWAYS be billed on the 1st of the month.  This means that any meet fees that have been posted during the month will bill in the next 1st of the month.  You then have until the 15th to pay the bill.  On the 16th, the system will automatically charge a $10 late fee if your account balance is not zero.  Think of it like a credit card – charges may be posted throughout the month, you get the bill on a certain date and you have until a set date to pay the bill before incurring penalties.


How can I avoid late fees?

The most certain way to avoid late fees is to have a credit card or EFT payment method on file in the system.  In this circumstance, your fees will be automatically charged to your card on file – usually between the 1st and 5th of the month.  You will get a notice if your CC on file is about to expire, so you will always be able to avoid late fees.


If you prefer not to leave electronic payment method on file, you will need to login to your account between the 1st and 15th of each month to pay your fees.  This is each account's responsibility and no reminders will be sent.