Regular Season Hosted Meets

All parents of Wheaton Swim Club are needed to fulfill volunteer responsibilities that support our meet operations. Parental commitment instills spirit and support, enriching the experience of the entire family.

All volunteer signups are done online and are first come first serve. In general for any home hosted meet, families are required to work 1 job per session their child is swimming but this number may change depending on how many swimmers attending meets.


ISI Assigned Hosted Meets

For any meets assigned to Wheaton Swim Club by ISI to host (Regionals, Age Group Champs or Senior Champs) families are required to work each session their child is swimming. If a family fails to volunteer or misses a shift, there will be $250 per shift assessed to their account about 1 week after the conclusion of meet.

**** For meets assigned by ISI for Wheaton to host, we will also ask all families of Wheaton Swim Club to volunteer. If families do not wish to volunteer there will be a buyout option.  Option will be to help work or buyout.  


Non Hosted Meets

Typically, meets hosted by other teams require visiting teams to supply timers. When this happens, we ask the Wheaton parents to please "step up" and volunteer. You can get together with other parents and share the job.


LC 2020 Summer Commitment

Family Volunteer Expectations

All families are expected to volunteer for both of our hosted meets.  Typically, a family will be asked to help with 2 jobs over the weekend for each meet. 

For LC 2020 all registered families for each perspective hosted meet will be billed $50 per volunteer job not worked even if their swimmer does not participate in the meet.  When we do not have parent volunteers we have to reach out to college students and pay for them to help us with filling in any open positions.