Ohio Swimming

What you should expect at Central Ohio SwimAmerica is :

  • low student to coach ratios
  • knowledgeable, professional and caring staff
  • a fantastic certificate and sticker reward program
  • a safe and enjoyable environment.

Our first priority in teaching swimming is to make everyone safe in, and around the water.  Second, swimming provides for one of the best forms of fitness for all ages.  And, third, by becoming comfortable around the water and skilled in basic swimming techniques, one finds the aquatic world is filled with a multitude of recreational activities that add to the overall enjoyment of life.

All of our coaches (instructors) are trained by a certified SwimAmerica Program Director and receive regular in-servicing on the latest drills and techniques in stroke progressions. The curriculum, although very sound, is considered dynamic; always searching for the best way to emphasize an ever changing sport.  SwimAmerica does not differentiate between recreational and competitive swimming.  Good swimming is good swimming; one should not swim one way because they want to compete and another way just to have fun.

Whether you are learning to swim as an adult, placing your child in classes or bringing your infant or toddler to the pool SwimAmerica has a program for you!