Ohio Swimming

SwimAmerica Stations :

New swimmers are evaluated and placed into a station (level) within the first few minutes of the first class of each session.  Upon completion of the station goals, swimmers immediately receive a sticker and move up to the next level; they do not have to wait until the end of the session or until their classmates have completed the goals. Each swimmer moves through the progression independently, at his or her own pace.  This chart shows the emphasis and skills worked on in each level, and what the station "graduation" goals are.



Related Skills





Smiles and Laughter

Feet first entry

Overly generous positive feedback

Some part of face in the water

Forceful exhalation

Anxious and tentative children.

Shallow Water.

Learning brand new skills.

Bubble lead up

Air exchange

10 relaxed bobs



Floats & Glides

Feet first entry.

Generous positive feedback.

One hand on top squeeze ears

One hand on wall other reaching

Assist to feet from floating positions & keep swimmers face dry first couple of attempts at back float

Support from underwater, hold hands in streamline, head down

Support from underwater with head near shoulder, wean to back of head only

Head back, belly up!

Count loud near swimmer as they attempt the five second glide

Jump into chest deep water & back streamline

Shallow Water

Learning brand new skills


Ready position

Assured confidence

Front float/glide

Back float/glide


Front Glide and Recover - 5 seconds

Back Glide and Recover - 5 seconds




Long, straight legs; short, fast kick; toes pointed

Feet together, pop and drop hips

Front Kick

Back Kick

Dolphin Kick

Front Kick - 15 feet

Back Kick - 15 Feet



Crawl Stroke

Squeeze ears and turn head.

Lead with the palms of hands, pressure on palms

Back of head on shoulder, look up

Reach side to side

Head still, looking down, three strokes

Long arms, roll body, elbows high, hands close to body



Side glide kick

Kick 6’s

Kick 6’s threes

Crawl Stroke

Side glide kick - 20ft

Crawl stroke - 20 ft, no breathing




Turn head with body roll, exhale in water, keep one ear in water, return forehead to water

Head back & still, roll shoulders & hips, side to side kick, straight arms



Crawl stroke with side breathing - minimum of 4 breaths




Extended swimming thru use of drills and alternative strokes

Combine sculling and kicking

Streamline position from a height!

“Why are we diving in the deep end?”

Free & Back

Treading Water

Diving safety

Swim freestyle - 75 ft

Swim backstroke - 30 ft

Tread water - 1 minute



Breaststroke & Butterfly

“Up, out and around”

Toes outside ankles, feet outside knees, knees outside hips

Head lift kick, stick

Drop & pop, lead with hips

Kick in kick out

Breast Kick

Dolphin Kick

Butterfly Timing

Swim Freestyle - 50 yds

Swim Backstroke - 25 yds

Kick Breaststroke - 20 ft




Pull breast with fltr kick, stick

Hands, head, kick, stick  Reach and roll, fast to the “ready position

”Reach with both hands, fast to the “ready position”

Tuck chin, reach for feet

Breast arms

Breast timing

One hand open turn

Two hand open turn


Swim Freestyle - 100 yds using bi-lateral breathing

Swim Breastrokes - 25 ysd

Swim Butterfly - 30 ft



Lifetime Strokes

Side glide kick position, heels up top leg forward, back leg behind snap and glide

Chicken, eagle, snake, breast kick on back.

Scissors kick

Elementary backstroke

Swim Freestyle - 200 yds using bi-lateral breathing

Swim Butterfly - 25 yds

Swim Breaststroke - 50 yds

Swim Elementary Backstroke - 50 yds

Swim Sidestroke - 50 yds



Individual Medley

All review and extended swimming


Swim 300 yds Freestyle

Swim 100 yds backstroke

Swim 100 yds Individual Medley