WEST Swim Club Equipment List


Team Equipment Requirements

  • All swimmers must have a team suit to compete in meets.
  • Only WEST team swim caps may be worn at practice and swim meets.
  • Swimmers are expected to come to practice with the assigned practice training equipment for their group.  Swimmers may be asked to sit out portions of practice if they do not have the appropriate practice equipment

Below is a breakdown of the equipment list for each group.  You can find a more detailed list online. 


8 and Under

Fins/ Water Bottle

9 and 10

Fins/ Water Bottle/ Drag Sox (30’s)

11 and 12

Fins/ Drag Sox (30’s)/ Water Bottle/ Nose Clip


Fins/ Drag Sox (30’s)/ Paddles/ Water Bottle/ Nose Clip/ Tempo Trainer/ Snorkel & training Strap


Fins/ Drag Sox (30’s)/ Paddles/ Water Bottle/ Nose Clip/ Tempo Trainer/Snorkel & training Strap


Fins/ Drag Sox (30’s and 60’s)/ Paddles/ Snorkel/ training strap/Water Bottle/ Nose Clip/ Tempo Trainer


The Team will host two TYR equipment and apparel fittings each year at a discounted amount, once in September and then again in April.  You will also be able to find all required team equipment and apparel at Swimmer’s Edge, located at 7532 Janes Ave., Woodridge, IL 60517; 630-985-2334.  Please make sure you tell them that you are a member of the WEST Swim Club.