McMenamin Award


History of the Award

Eileen McMenamin was a member of the WEST Swim Club who lost her life in a tragic accident at young age.  Dave Krotiak, her coach at the time, created this award to memorialize her.

The Eileen McMenamin Award is given in her memory to the male or female swimmer of WEST Swim Club who, in the opinion of the coaching staff, best symbolizes those qualities which Eileen herself possessed.  The winner of this award of this award need not be an outstanding swimmer but should show the qualities of spirit, support, tenacity and selflessness which typified Eileen.  Those qualities will manifest themselves in the following ways:

1.  Team Spirit - be supportive of team members through their successes and set backs; be positive in attitude and supportive of the leadership provided by captains and coaches.

2.  Reliability/Commitment - comes to practice consistently and uses practice time effectively to improve.  Exemplifies the notion that improvement comes through hard work and sacrifice.

3.  Friendship - demonstrates an awareness of the bonds which develop among swimmers.  Models the qualities of friendship to teammates and has earned the respect and admiration of his/her fellow swimmers.

The winner of this award will be a special person and should know that, by example, he/she is an example of the gifts which Eileen has left us.  The winner will receive an individual plaque and a copy of the selection criteria.  The winner's name will also be inscribed on a permanent plaque displayed in the main trophy case of WEST Swim Club.

      McMenamin Award Winners     
Year Name 
2018 Jeffrey Vitek
2017 Hollis Clark
2016 Albert La Valle
 2015 Ben Hewett
2014 Brendan Weibel
2013 Connor Schroyer
 2012 Jennifer Coady
2011 Maureen Barron
 2010 Genevieve Heidkamp
2009 Sara Shaner 
2008 Patrick Lloyd 
2007 Jonathan Wanta
2006 Charlie Smalling
2005 Taylor Werkema
2004 Sarah Coady
2003 Tim Loeffler
2002 Maggie Norton
2001 Megan Putts
2000 Daniel J. Ortega
1999 Becca DeSalle
1998 Britta Samuelson
1997 Luke Haller
1996 Kevin Brosnan
1995 Caroline Moore
1994 James Green
1993 Preston Bokos
1992 William Ellsworth
1991 Christa Pepitone
1990 Melissa Miceli
1989 Christopher Lynch
1988 Stephanie Crement