WEST Swim Club's Philosophy

WEST Swim Club is committed to supporting swimmers at every level, from the most basic learning-the-stroke phases right up to national competition.  This is made possible not only by our experienced coaches, but also because of the support we get from WEST Superior Training, and the encouragement each swimmer receives from fellow teammates of all ages. 

We emphasize FUN more then anything else at WEST Swim Club.  When swimmers are having fun there is an increase in enjoyment and commitment to the sport and team.  "Swimming is fun" and we never let our swimmers forget that. 

Our experienced coaching staff is dedicated in teaching proper swimming techniques and mechanics and most importantly the reason behind them first.  "You have to swim RIGHT, before you can swim FAST!"

We try to teach our swimmers that they are powerful beyond measure.  If they believe they can accomplish something and are willing to do anything it takes to achieve it, anything is possible.  It's amazing what people can accomplish when they believe in themselves.  We try to instill this into all of our swimmers.