Welcome to the Washington Water Jets (WWJ) swim team! You have made an excellent choice; swimming is great exercise for the mind and for the body. WWJ swim team will offer you excellent instructional swimming, plenty of water time and opportunities to improve techniques – at whatever swimming level you may be. Compared to other organized activities, swimming enables youth of all ages to come together to compete individually as well as contribute to overall team scores. Finally, team swimming fosters enriched social development for swimmers and their families.

Team Philosophy
It is our philosophy that any swimmer who practices regularly, works to improve, and meets minimum standards, deserves as many opportunities as possible to swim at meets. The positive support of coaches, parents, and teammates will help all of our swimmers to reach their goals of individual and team improvement. We must not measure success by how someone performs against teammates or opponents, but how each swimmer performs against the clock and his or her own best times. We encourage every swimmer to cheer fellow teammates at meets and at practice. We encourage parents to stress improvement of individual times, and not just winning the race.

Team Goals
• To have FUN!
• To teach competitive swimming
• To strive for self-improvement
• To support each other at practice and meets
• To encourage personal goal-setting
• To give every swimmer a chance to participate
• To provide a positive experience

Parent Board
Don’t hesitate to call or e-mail us if you have questions or concerns. We are here to help your family have a wonderful season and to answer any and all Water Jets questions! Also, visit the team website for important information: teamunify.com/ilwwj

  • President: Scott Strubhar
  • Vice President: Alex McGlaughlin
  • Secretary: Dave Lucas
  • Treasurer: Chad Tiezzi
  • Publicity/Communication: Sarah Butler
  • Fundraising: Lauren Obalil
  • Awards/Records: Katie Sunstedt