Team Millennium’s IM TUFF Recognition

8&unders: 25 yd time in: fly,bk,brst,fr & 100IM achieved in USS sanctioned meet:   IM TUFF bag tag

Once a swimmer achieves an IMREADY or IMX score

10&under score         11&over score                                   PRIZE:

1-1200                           1-1500                                       IM TUFF bag tag
1201-2300                    1501-2700                              IM TUFF cap

2301-3500 2701-4000 IM TUFF shirt

 3501+ 4001+ IM TUFF TOWEL

Swimmers will receive the awards listed above one time per year per age group with the exception of the towel.  The towel will be awarded once! The IM TUFF awards will be handed out at the Forest Park Pool party every summer—as August coincides with USA Swimming’s season definitions.  A list of LAST season’s IMReady & IMX qualifiers will be posted on the website so you have an idea!