How can I look up my swimmer’s official times?

There are several apps available.


  • Deck Pass is the official app of USA Swimming and holds all your child’s times achieved in sanctioned USAS meets. There are other neat features in that app as well. It is free with your USA registration.  Deck Pass Plus has a small one time fee with a few more features.   Results for for our INTRA SQUAD meets at Fenwick cannot be found on DECK PASS - as these meets are not USA sanctioned.


  • Meet Mobile is the real time app that is used by most swim meets to post real time results. You will need to search for the meet - by knowing the MEET name - location - or search by swimmer name!   Meet Mobile will show you real time information for the meet you are attending!  It will display the heat sheet (most of the time) - list of swimmers and events they are entered in - and meet results in real time.           Meet results for past meets can also be pulled!    Meet Mobile for our INTRA SQUAD meets at Fenwick is NOT AVAILABLE - as most cannot even get internet service!   Meet Mobile is an app for your phone - not available for your computer.


  • When signed into your account on OUR WEBSITE (, you are able to track your swimmers results.  Peruse your "back office" features in the drop down tab under the SIGN IN on the upper left.