2021-22  ISI Age Group Time Standards :

Illinois Championship meets are scheduled the end of February, beginning of March.  Swimmers qualifying for these meets will continue to train and compete in these Championship meets. 

RGL: regional champs   CHMP  Age group champs  TIMES achieved during the winter are swum in 25 yard pools - so you should be looking at SCY time standards.  



SENIOR Time Standards


2017-20   USA Age Group MOTIVATIONAL Time Standards


ISCA SENIOR CUP  Mar in St Petersburg FL

ISCA Elite Showcase  14&under April in St Petersburg FL


Winter Junior Nationals   



Standards are set for all types of pools.  Qualifying times can be attained in any pool type.

SCY : short course yards...(any event swum in a 25 yard pool)

LCM : long course meters..(any event swum in a 50 meter pool)

SCM : short course meters...(any event swum in a 25 meter pool)