Exposure Protocol

Please understand that the process of managing and understanding and tracing an outbreak/exposure is an ever-evolving process. Each incident will be taken at the level of exposure as well as by medical professionals, IDPH, OSHA, Facility Protocols and whatever we need to consider. 

If anyone in your house is awaiting on test results, experiencing symptoms or currently under a quarantine - please refrain from attending in-person programming until those restrictions relinquish.

Please keep the well-being of the team at heart and do not hesitate to report exposure to the coaching staff. All patients will be kept confidential and our goal is to put the safety of the team and community first, training and conditioning second.

What is our current team protocol in the event of an outbreak or possible exposure? 

Regular communication will be sent to exposed athletes and a general communication issued to the team within 48 hours.  Medical staff is consulted for protocol and quarantine requirements. 

General Policy: 
Every case is unique and is evaluated on its own merit.

Please report any exposures/contact or active tests to our staff immediately. 
Safety Director -[email protected]

Positive Athlete outside the pool setting
Vaccinated Athlete must have a negative PCR and no symptoms prior to returning to workout.  This includes a minimum of 5 days quarantine.

Unvaccinated Athlete must have a negative PCR and no symptoms prior to returning to workout.  This includes a minimum of 10 days quarantine.

Positive Contact within the Practice Setting

  1. The entire Training group will be quarantined for a minimum of 5 days.
  2. Vaccinated Athletes: Can return, with NO symptoms and a Negative PCR test no sooner than 5 days.  Should share proof of vaccination.
  3. Unvaccinated Athletes: Can return, with NO symptoms and a Negative PCR test no sooner than 5 days after last exposure, then exposed athlete may return to workout no sooner than 10 days after last exposure

Coaches (fully vaccinated) with direct extended close contact with the athlete will also need to quarantine for 5+ days and will need get tested for Covid-19. Unvaccinated swimmers/coaches will quarantine for 10 days and can return with NEG test and NO symptoms.



To return to workout - Athletes that had tested positive - will need to be asymptomatic  prior to return after the recommended quarantine, have documented negative test results OR have a note from their physician stating that they are no longer contagious.

Important Considerations

  1. We have to work with multiple organizations and the appropriate response may take time
    1. CDC, IHSA, IDPH and more...
  2. Changing dynamics may result in a longer timeframe for decisions to be made
  3. Facility protocol will differ from location to location
  4. We will more than likely have to change our response as cases & government restrictions warrant and there will not be a consistency between exposure

    This will inevitably happen multiple times.
    Patience, Empathy and Understanding is key for both staff and the affected family.

As a reminder - while vaccines are more accessible and they are closer to approval for a wider age bracket, not everyone has been approved or is able to receive the vaccine, nor does the vaccine ensure 100% prevention against contraction or transmission of covid, especially in individuals with pre-existing conditions. 

Covid-19 is a very unfriendly and merciless disease and the new variants are more transmissible.
Previous contraction of Covid does not ensure protection from the newer variants, and a vaccine is still encouraged for those individuals. 

We STRONGLY encourage everyone who is eligible and able to get a vaccine to do so as soon as possible. 

Please continue to wear masks, practice responsible social distancing and wash your hands. 
CLICK HERE for the CDC website on the vaccine. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.