Alternative Workout Options

Click on the links below to learn about alternative workouts for those without access to a pool during the break.  Most of these options are free during this time and allow swimmers an opportunity to explore other interests to stay active.

·       Online Yoga Classes for Swimmers (Free)

·       Peloton App (90 Day Free Trial)

·       Beachbody Workouts for Kids (Free)

·       90x Ab Ripper Workout (Free)

·       Lululemon Community Cares On (Free workouts)

·       Lululemon:  The Sweat Life (Free workouts)

·       H2Go Fitness Workout - Yoga for Swimmers (Free)

·       Fitness Blender Workout:  HIIT Cardio

·       5 minute Ab Routine with Caleb Dressel

·       Butterfly Simulation with Dryland Exercises

Mindset & Mental Training Resources


Click on the links below to listen to various Ted Talks and other resources focused on swimming, leadership, perseverance, and various other topics.

·       TED Talk - Grit: The Power of Passion & Perseverance

·       TED Talk - Building your Inner Coach

·       TED Talk - How Great Leaders Inspire Action

·       TED Talk - The Skill of Self Confidence

·       TED Talk - The Power of Vulnerability

·       The Importance of Sleep in Athletic Performance

·       12 Strategies for Self-Care While Social-Distancing

·       Taking Advantage of Adversity and Disappointment

·       Reshaping Habits:  Good & Bad

·       7 Tips:  How to Get Through Tough Times

·       Mental Skills You Can Train Right Now

·       How to Stay Motivated with Olympian James Guy


Webinar Recordings

Click on the links below to listen to various swimming related webinar recordings from coaches, swimmers, and other professionals.

·       Cultural Resources

Click on the links below to access free online access to various tours of parks and museum, videos from zoos, and many other cultural experiences.

·       The Hidden World of National Parks

·       National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.

·       Museum of Modern Art in NYC

·       The Monterey Bay Aquarium Live Cam

·       National Aquarium Live Cam & Tours

·       San Diego Zoo Live Cam

·       The Olympic Museum in Switzerland

·       International Swimming Hall of Fame Virtual Tour

·       Broadway Online (7 days Free)

Educational Resources

Click on the links below to access free online access to educational resources, including museums and libraries.

·       Smithsonian Institution Online

·       Museum of the American Revolution

·       Scholastic Online Learning Resources

·       100 Great University Online Libraries

·       New York Public Library

·       Storyline Online (Children's books read by celebrities)

·       Khan Academy

·       26 Podcasts for Kids & Families