USA Swimming Structure

Brownsburg Swim Club (BBSC) is a not-for-profit, youth sports swimming organization that is part of a much larger picture! To help you understand the layout of the land, the following information details the overall structure of youth sports swimming.


BBSC is one of more than 2,750 youth sports swim clubs across the country, all of which are chartered members of United States Swimming (USA-S). The motto of USA-S is “build the base, promote the sport and achieve competitive success.” USA-S is the parent organization that provides resources for the development and survival of swim clubs, supporting “age group” programs just like BBSC all the way up to the United States Olympic team. Every year, USA-S holds National Championship meets, with challenging qualifying times in place. There are Junior National (athletes 18 and younger) and “Senior” National (athletes of all ages) meets held in December and August, and every four years, the Olympic Trials are held. This meet serves as the selection meet for the U.S. Olympic swimming team.


The country is broken into four Zones – Eastern, Western, Central and Southern. BBSC and Indiana Swimming are part of the Central Zone, which spans the entire Midwest from Ohio to the Dakotas. Every summer, there are Zone championship meets. Age group athletes (14 and younger) who achieve qualifying times can represent their state at one of two Zone meets. Once every few years, the two Zone meets are combined into a “Megazone” meet, pitting teams from every state in the Zone against each other. There is also a Senior Zone meet. This meet is open to any swimmers who achieve qualifying times and swimmers in this meet represent their home club, unlike the age group level.


LSC is an acronym for “local swim committee.” BBSC is part of Indiana Swimming, the organization that oversees the more than 100 swim clubs and more than 10,000 athletes in the state. Most LSCs are simply comprised of the state in which you live, although larger states like California and Texas may contain multiple LSCs. Every season there are LSC or, in the case of Indiana, state championship meets. Indiana offers an Age Group State and Senior State championship meet in March and July. Swimmers who make qualifying times may represent their club in these meets. Indiana also has Divisional meets. There are seven Divisional meets in Indiana – with their own level of qualifying times – that are stepping stones to the state level.

For more information please visit the USA Swimming,, USA Swimming Central Zone,, or Indiana Swimming,, websites.