Brownsburg Swim Club: Code of Conduct
The Brownsburg Swim Club (BBSC) is related to 3 broader organizations: USA Swimming, Indiana Swimming, and Brownsburg Community School Corporation. Each of these organizations has an Athlete Code of Conduct. Members of the Brownsburg Swim Club (athletes and parents) must abide by all of these Codes. Copies of the different Codes of Conduct are available on
A summary of the requirements is:
Swimming is for the benefit of all involved. Actions that are detrimental to another member of the organization  are not allowed. Actions that encourage another member to violate the Code of Conduct will not be allowed.
It is expected that athletes will come to practices and will focus on improving their abilities.
Actions that reflect negatively on any of the organizations or the sport of swimming are not allowed.
Other participants, whether they are other athletes, coaches, officials, or parents, must be treated with respect at all times. Profanity, insubordination, bullying, and hazing are not allowed.
Intentional damaging of any facility or another member’s property is not allowed.
Use of illegal drugs at any time is not allowed.
Unwelcome sexual behaviors between athletes or any such behavior between athletes and adult members are not allowed.
Other actions that are negative in nature or detrimental to the BBSC family shall not be advanced via electronic communications or via social media.  
Violation of the Code of Conduct will be addressed first by the coaching staff. Depending on the situation, a swimmer may be suspended or dismissed from the Team. In that event a member of the BBSC Board of Directors will discuss the matter with the athlete and his/her parents regarding the decision. The BBSC Board of Directors will take into account all pertinent facts of the situation and may entertain re-instatement after a time depending upon circumstances of the dismissal.
USA Swimming Rulebook
Part 3, Articles 304, 305 and 306
Indiana Swimming
Brownsburg Community School Corporation