Brownsburg Swim Club (BBSC)
BBSC Required Meet Worker Job Descriptions:

Admissions (Ages: 18+)
Admissions personnel are responsible for the sale and distribution of admission tickets/bracelets and heat sheets.

Announcer (Ages: 18+)
The announcer is responsible for keeping all individuals (coaches, officials, spectators and swimmers) up to date on the progress of the meet as well as providing updates and notices as they are available.

Awards (Ages: 18+)
Awards personnel are responsible for attaching award labels to ribbons/medals and distributing as instructed. This job requires organization and working at a fast pace.

Clerk of Course (Ages: 18+)
Clerk of Course personnel are responsible for managing the staging area for our younger swimmers. Clerk of Course personnel will arrange swimmers of the appropriate events into lane order, by heat, and quickly proceed to the starting blocks in the correct order.

Concessions - Food Handling (Ages: 18+)
Concessions personnel are responsible for selling concession items to customers and assembling food/drink for distribution. All food handling concession personnel must wear food gloves.

Deck Control/Marshall (Ages: 18+)
Deck Control and/or Marshall are responsible individuals who can actively
monitor and maintain order and safety in the swimming venue.

Head Timer (Ages: 18+)
The Head Timer is responsible for starting 2 stop watches at the start of each race. In the event of one or more watch fail, head timer will immediately switch out watch with lane timer.

Hospitality (Ages: 18+)
Hospitality personnel are courteous and outgoing personalities that are responsible for maintaining the hospitality room throughout the meet. This includes but not limited to prepare, setup, serve meals and snacks for coaches and officials, replenish food and drinks, keeping hospitality room clean and offering drinks and snacks to coaches and officials working on pool deck.

Officials (Ages: 18+) ***REQUIRES CERTIFICATION***
Officials are certified for their respective positions by Indiana Swimming on behalf of USA Swimming. These certifications are obtained through clinics which are held periodically throughout the year, followed by online testing, and completing apprenticeship sessions during meets. There are some benefits for BBSC members that actively participate as BBSC officials. For more information on becoming an official please contact the BBSC Worker Coordinator.

Runner/Posting (Ages: 14+)
The Runner assists in the control room and head table with various duties including but not limited to: posting heat sheets, results, running timer sheets, or making copies. This is a very active position please wear comfortable shoes and requires working at a fast pace!

Timers (Ages 14+)
Each Timer is responsible for operating two devices (one stop watch and one plunger button) in their respective lane. One timer per lane is required to record both watch times onto the appropriate lines of the timer sheets that are provided.