Why participate in the SCRIP program?

By participating in the Great Lakes SCRIP program, BBSC families are able to reduce their training fees by earning rebates on prepay cards for retailers they already patronize!

How does SCRIP work?

A BBSC family member buys, through the SCRIP program, prepay cards offered by participating vendors.  There are literally hundreds to choose from!  The vendors then extend a rebate on the purchase.  90% of all rebates earned by your family will accrue in your personal “SCRIP Account” to be applied against the following season’s training fees for your athlete(s).*  Only 10% of the rebates earned are retained by the club to help offset the costs associated with participating in the program on your behalf.  Families pay no premiums for this service and you get the full face value of the prepay cards you purchase.  This program is really a no-brainer!

How do you get started?

To purchase SCRIP cards, families will need to register and sign up on the SCRIP website ( www.shopwithscrip.com ) . You'll need an enrollment code to register - please contact Belinda Jasiak for the code. Belinda can often be found on deck during meets, or you can call her cell at 317-809-3506 (texting available) or reach her via email at [email protected].  Turn around between the club’s order placement and receipt of the cards is usually within a short week’s time!

A complete list of participating vendors can be found on the www.shopwithscrip.com website.  Visit their “What’s New” tab for current bonus-rebates offered.

The SCRIP routing number for the Brownsburg Swim Club is: 1BF4685L113L9

Online order placement and payments are also available!

1) Place your order online and pay using secure Presto-Pay payment processing.  2) If using Presto-Pay, you can also reload previously purchased SCRIP cards and those funds will be available immediately (participating vendors only).  3) Printable SCRIP-Now vouchers are also available for some vendors when using Presto-Pay.  Ask Belinda how you can get started with these offerings!

*    If for whatever reason a member family leaves BBSC, any accrued funds in said member’s SCRIP Account would be rolled into the BBSC Rainy-Day Fund.  No cash payouts will be made.  Also, the club will maintain a family’s unused SCRIP Account balance for up to one year.  If the accrued rebates are not applied to the family’s account within that year, those funds will also be rolled into the BBSC Rainy-Day Fund.