It is the goal of the Brownsburg Swim Club (BBSC) to offer ability specific training for all of our athletes geared towards challenging each individual and developing each individual to the best of their abilities. Brownsburg Swim Club conducts organized practices within a structured group environment lead by professional and dedicated coaches focused on the long term development of our swimmers.

The Brownsburg Swim Club offers training and practice groups for beginning novice swimmers through Senior level swimming and competes together as a Team. In order to be placed in a Bulldog Prep training group a swimmer must be able to complete 25 yards of freestyle and backstroke. The Gateway to Competition program is a Pre-Competition Program. Once athletes are capable of demonstrating a legal 25y length of Freestyle and Backstroke, they will have the opportunity move up to the Bulldog Prep Training Group, where they will have the opportunity to begin participating in competitive events.​

The Bulldog Swimmer Progression - Swimming fast is a product of learning and practicing to swim correctly. A positive swimmer progression through the Brownsburg Swim Club is a diligent and planned effort providing each Bulldog with the basic swimming foundation, abilities, skills, technique, understanding and teaching necessary to be successful in their endeavors at each stage in the program. The progression is designed with the long term development and effect on the swimmer in mind in order to enable them to compete at the highest level possible as a Senior swimmer.  

  • Gateway to Competition, designed for those athletes with aspirations and dreams of becoming a competitive swimmer. By developing the FUNdamental skills of head/body position, breathe exchange and feel for the water, Gateway swimmers will receive the building blocks to begin a promising and successful competitive swimming career.​  For more information - GATEWAY
  • Bulldog Prep, typical ages are 11 & under: the introductory stage of learning basic swimming fundamentals of all four competitive strokes and racing skills in a group environment.
  • Futures, typical ages are 8-11 (and some beginning swimmers 11-14): focuses on building proper stroke mechanics and racing techniques while also measuring swimmer development through the more competitive side of the sport.
  • Emerging, qualifying swimmers ages 9-12: will enhance their racing skills and build their aerobic endurance in an environment that also emphasizes preparation for championship meets.
  • Performance, qualifying swimmers ages 11-14, is the final stage of the BBSC Age Group program and will build greater stroke efficiencies in preparation for competition at the highest level possible and entrance into Senior Swimming.
  • Senior DOGS Swimming, for all swimmers 15 and over: provides a training environment that also functions alongside and prepares swimmers for high school athletics and also helps them to achieve their goals within the sport while also building on the athlete's self-discipline, responsibility and determination.

Group Placement
 Coaches evaluate swimmers at the beginning of each competitive season through the designated new swimmer call-out and evaluation days for placement in the program. Coach discretion and swim evaluations are used to determine the training group that best fits each swimmer’s experience, ability, maturity and motivation. It is possible after an extended period of review through regular practice attendance that a swimmer may change groups to ensure the best placement.

Swimmers unable to attend the scheduled call-out days, or in need of a private and confidential tryout, are encouraged to contact the Team coaches through the "contact us" tab to the left to request a swim evaluation to be scheduled or for more information directly from Coach Keith.

      Brownsburg Swim Club group descriptions are reviewed annually for necessary updates to maintain the overall progression of the club. More specific group information, as we as examples of qualifying standards for each group can be found on their respective group page.


FYI - thgese progressions are underreview for the TH~Determinations for grouDetermination Determination for swimmer training group changes:

The Brownsburg Swim Club determinations for training group placements are based on a combination of parameters such as the swimmer’s age for championship meets, achieving recommended attendance goals (both dry-land and swimming participation), active and regular meet participation especially when needed to represent BBSC at Championship Meets for either individual or relay swims, training performance, meet performance standards, as well as demonstrating other BULLDOG Team qualities and characteristics. This combination of demonstrated abilities allows the BBSC coaching staff to perform a more comprehensive review of our swimmers within the over-arching structure of our program. Therefore, BBSC is able to provide the best environment possible for the overall development of all of our Bulldog swimmers.

The BBSC coaching staff also reserves the right to make exceptions and will remain open to discussing special circumstances, when a deviation from the program’s parameters is warranted. This is not favoritism. Coach’s discretion is paying attention to factors or extenuating circumstances relating to a swimmer’s progression, maturity, and rate of improvement with an overall understanding of each of the training group’s dynamics enabling the coach to focus on the overall long term development of each athlete throughout the future.


  1. Move-Ups generally occur at the beginning of each season using the athlete’s age at the end of the season for consideration, but may also happen throughout the course of the season as swimmers demonstrate consistent growth and improvement within the sport.
  2. Standards set forth on the group pages may also change over time as the Brownsburg Swim Club progresses forward.