Welcome to the Bulldog Swim Team Prep Group Page!! 

Practices are typically offered 4 times per week when they are no overriding scheduling conflicts. 

Bulldog Prep – is the introductory step to being a part of the Brownsburg Swim Club for swimmers 11 years old and younger.

  • Entry level to the Team sport of swimming, focusing on building the basic fundamental abilities of stroke technique, diving, and turns, as well as the skills of being coached within a group setting.  
  • Parents are required to work one session per swimmer at every BBSC hosted invitational meet, with a max limit of 4 sessions per meet per family, regardless of swimmer participation in the meet.
  • All BBSC training groups are designed and operate on year-round basis.
  • Swimmers must be able to perform 25 yards of freestyle and backstroke technique for acceptance into this group. Spaces are limited.
  • An average of 3 practices per week are recommended to see the most swimmer development.
  • Appropriate meets for competition include both intra-squad and BBSC hosted invitational meets the swimmer may qualify for.

Bulldog Prep introduces beginner swimmers who are able to complete 25 yards of freestyle and backstroke to a team oriented teaching and training environment. It is an annual membership offered as a great way to enter into the Brownsburg Swim Club for our least experienced or youngest swimmers (typically ages 11 and under) looking to try something new, be introduced to all four competitive strokes and/or learn the basics of swimming in a positive and supportive nature who are preparing for advancement to, or not yet ready for the training offered in the Futures training group. 

Equipment Needs: Smiles, suit, swim cap and goggles. Some kick-boards and fins are available for use at the pool, however you may find that owning a pair of your fins is preferred.


Practice Attendance: Specific training nights and times will be designated throughout the year, based on the overall practice and meet schedule as well as the facility availability for swimmers to attend. Although practice attendance is not required for participation, the overall attendance goal for this group is 70% or above –to help ensure the swimmers see the most skill development.


*Before any swimmer can participate in any practices you will need to complete the annual BBSC membership registration form and provide a copy of the swimmer's birth certificate for age verification requirements.


Meet Participation: is at the direction of the coach and discretion of the participants family. Meet fees are billed separately after the meet sign-up deadlines have passed.  Appropriate meets for attendance are intra-squad/dual meets and any BBSC hosted meets the swimmer may qualify for.

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