Welcome to the Futures Training Group Page

Futures Group –  (lane space for 24-32 swimmers) prepares swimmers, typically ages 8-11, for the more competitive side of the sport through a continuation of and emphasis on building proper stroke technique, sportsmanship, as well as gaining racing experience as a means to measure swimmer development. The BBSC coaching staff may also find that it could be more appropriate for some first-time swimmers ages 11-14 to start their swimming career in this group. Swimmers emerging from a Summer League Team, Bulldog Prep or with a high quality of ability from a swim lesson program may find the Futures Group to be an easy transition to the Team sport of swimming.

  • BBSC Team Qualities: show the willingness to promote additional BULLDOG characteristics such as sportsmanship, competitiveness, positive mental attitude, and Team support.
  • Parents are required to work two sessions per swimmer at every BBSC hosted invitational meet, with a max limit of 4 sessions per meet per family, regardless of swimmer participation in the meet.
  • All BBSC training groups are designed and operate on year-round basis.
  • Training Performance: completion of designated test sets
  • Meet Participation and Performance: demonstrate legal racing technique across 50 yards of all strokes and/ or an Individual Medley race.
  • Practice Attendance: attain the recommended average of 3-4 practices per week.
  • Appropriate meets for competition include both intra-squad and open invitational meets the swimmer may qualify for.

Training and Performance Guidelines


Equipment Needs: Water bottle, mesh bag,suit, goggles and fins.


Practice Attendance: Not required, but it is recommended that 3-4 practices per week be attended with the most improvement and development being evident from the more practices actually attended each week. 4 practices will be offered per week when there are no meets or other scheduling conflicts.


Meet Participation: Swimmers are suggested to attend all home intra-squad/ dual meets, as well as any open invitational swimmers may qualify for. Family volunteers are also needed for all BBSC hosted meets, regardless of swimmer participation in the specific meet.


Questions? Contact Coach Keith


Training Philosophy: Practices are meant to be both fun and challenging. We know this works when our swimmers want to be at practice and are also showing signs of improvement at meets after regular attendance. Brownsburg Swim Club looks to provide the best coaching, training and learning environment for our swimmers as they grow through the age group progressions of our swimming program. The training is also geared towards preparing swimmers to enter the Emerging Training group. Coaches will use their discretion in their daily practices to ensure areas of need are being addressed, especially depending on the phases of the training season, and that the fun time is also balanced in among the challenge sets.


Saturday practices are traditionally challenging so we want to establish this notion early. Bulldog Swimmers should be encouraged to challenge themselves and understand that Saturdays aren’t something to be feared, but looked forward to and as a methodology for better equipping our swimmers for the long-term competitive racing side of the sport! Test Set results will be recorded and posted for all to see and are also a great way to review overall swimmer progress and development.


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