Senior DOGS Swimming is for all swimmers 15 and over; it provides a training environment that also functions alongside and prepares swimmers for high school athletics and also helps them to achieve their goals within the sport while also building on the athlete's self-discipline, responsibility and determination. Swimmers in this group continue to develop their technique, aerobic base and anaerobic training levels, as well as build strength and athletic ability through dryland training.The competitive focus of this group is the Indiana Senior State level and above, with Central Zone and Speedo Sectional cuts used for short term goal setting, leading to the Junior National level and above.

Equipment Needs:Team shirt, dryland clothes, water bottle, practice suit, mesh bag, pull buoy, hand paddles, goggles, fins, team competition suit and team cap. Senior / Senior Conditioning swimmers may also use additional equipment owned by club such as stretch / resistance cords, monofins, buckets, etc …

Practice Attendance:Practices for the Senior Group are offered between 6 and 9 times per week, ranging from 75 to 150 minutes. In addition, dryland activities are offered 3 to 5 times per week for approximately 45 minutes each. Swimmers in the Senior Group are expected to be committed to their sport, their team and their goal of attaining the highest level of competition possible. A minimum of 90% practice attendance is recommended to continue progress and improvement at this level.

Meet Participation:Senior swimmers should attend all meets that are recommended to them. Family volunteers are needed for all hosted meets. Swimmers in these groups are required to participate in any Championship Meets for which they have qualified.

Important Group notes and documents:

Overcoming Mediocrity

Mental Toughness: The Difference Between Good and Great

Winning Starts With Today


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