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The BBSC Third-Annual 12 Hour Relay / Lock-In will take place Friday, September 27th - Saturday, September 28th.  This event serves as our fundraiser, our sponsorship drive and a fun, family-friendly night at the pool.

12 Hour Relay Information

12 Hour Relay Pledge Sheet

Sponsorship Letter

Sponsorship Incentive Program


Donors/Sponsors without a Paypal account (Credit Card Payments):  Paypal Donor Sponsor Page

From your PayPal app (Paypal to Paypal Payment), here's how:

  1. Tap Send Money.
  2. Enter as the recipient
  3. Type the amount you'd like to send and click Next
  4. Indicate your payment method (if necesssary)
  5. Add a note so that you can indicate on whose behalf you are donating:
  6. Select Friends and Family and click Send Now >