Indiana Swim Club's mission is to encourage youth in the Bloomington and Martinsville areas to experience the sport of swimming at a variety of levels, from the beginning swimmer to the national caliber swimmer, in a safe and supportive environment that fosters discipline, sportsmanship, and self-esteem.

Young swimmers who want to compete and achieve excellence will find the coaching, training, and facilities they need.  Our coaches understand the techniques and attention needed for swimmers to develop their potential. ISC participates in a full cycle of club meets, so swimmers can measure their progress and gain competition experience.

Competing in meets and attending every practice is not mandatory, however; swimmers can choose their level of involvement. Some swim for health and fitness and do not compete.  Others belong to ISC for the camaraderie and friendships that develop among families. From the benefits of a healthy lifestyle to the excitement of cutting-edge competitive sports, ISC offers a wide range of participation. Through all of this, we ultimately want to provide our membership with a safe, healthy, protected and positive environment, while helping our athletes to be the best in the pool, classroom and life.