Are you tired of sitting in the bleachers? Do you love watching kids swim? Would you like to become more involved in the sport?  If so, think about becoming a USA Swimming official! It's impossible to hold a swim meet without the USA Swimming officials who volunteer their time and expertise. ISC will happily reimburse your USA Swimming membership and other expenses associated with the process. 

Types of USA Swimming Officials 

There are many different types of USA Swimming officials. All are volunteers. 

Stroke and turn officials (also called technical officials) are on deck to watch swimmers during their events to make sure that they adhere to the USA Swimming rules. For example, they are the officials who would disqualify a swimmer who was using a freestyle or alternating kick during the breaststroke. This lets swimmers know where they have to improve, and reinforces their coaches' training. With time and experience, stroke and turn officials can become certified as starters and deck referees as well. USA swimming offficals can also get dual-certified with the Indiana High School Athletic Association to officiate meets for high schools and middle schools, which are often paid positions. 

Administrative officials work on different tasks, such as adjusting swimmers' times, seeding (assigning swimmers to races), checking results and scoring, disqualifications, and resolving issues from the administrative table during the meet. 

How to Become an Official

1. Create a USA Swimming account online and complete the background check (ISC will pay membership and background check expenses).

2. Attend a training clinic for stroke & turn and/or administrative officials.

3. Complete an open-book test online.

4. Complete Safe Sport Athlete Protection Training videos.

5. Complete apprentice sessions (both administrative and stroke and turn officials must complete 4 apprentice sessions).

For more information, contact [email protected]