Because Bloomington pools are closed, ISC will be practicing at two locations in Martinsville: the Martinsville City Park Pool (360 N. Home Ave., Martinsville, IN 46151) and the north Foxcliff pool (4041 Foxcliff Drive East, Martinsville, 46151). This page contains Information about each location.

Foxcliff Pool

The address of the Foxcliff pool is 4041 Foxcliff Drive East, Martinsville, 46151. It is adjacent to a white Tudor-style clubhouse, and across the street is a lake.

Here are two views of the pool:

Martinsville City Pool

The address of the Martinsville City Park Pool is 360 N. Home Ave., Martinsville, IN 46151. 

Here is the view of the pool complex from the hill above the pool.


Swimmers will enter through the gate to the right of the main building.


Here is a closer view of the gate, taken from the parking lot.


Here is the courtyard just beyond the gate where swimmers will stay at cones spaced 13 feet apart until they are ready to enter the actual pool enclosure.


Once swimmers are ready to move onto the pool deck, they will enter from the courtyard. There is a large concrete deck with lots of room for social distancing around the pool. This is the view walking in from the courtyard. 


Here is the view from the other side of the pool looking back towards the entrance. Six swimmers will have "cone stations" directly ahead where the man is standing (cones 13 ft apart) and six will be in front of the blue-roofed building. Swimmers will exit from a second gate to the right of this photo.