Event Fundraising
ISC 2022 Swim-a-Thon
NOV 12
Time: 10:00 AM
Bloomington South High School
Chip Kline Email
We are excited to announce ISC’s annual swim-a-thon fundraiser. For the last couple of years, this has been ISC’s largest fundraiser and allowed the club to get through the hardships of the pandemic and keep our kids swimming. Now that we have come out of the pandemic, we are excited to look to the future and provide kids an even better ISC experience.

ISC is doing amazing things. Our athletes work so hard and are consistently improving times and performing well at all levels of meets. We are so proud of them.

As a non-profit organization, ISC works hard to provide a top-level experience while keeping costs to our members at a reasonable level. When ISC looks to grow our organization and do new things, we rely on the generosity of our communities to make these new things a reality. Here are some of the things we are looking to do at ISC.

- Providing additional social activities

- Providing clinics

- Supporting our swimmers attending regional, national, and international caliber meets

- Supporting our coaches with additional training

- New equipment to enhance the training experience

We want ISC to be the aquatics leader in Bloomington and Martinsville. We want to provide the absolute best for our athletes, and we can’t do that without your support. Thank you in advance for your continued support in helping us reach our goals.
Participants | Rank 0/121
$970.00 Georgia Beane
$500.00 Crystal Tang
$425.00 Marcus Wang
$405.00 Raelynn Davis
$400.00 Sydney Anderson
Top Roster (amount)
$3,040.00 FUN-damental
$2,450.00 Junior
$1,105.00 White Intermediate
$1,000.00 Senior
$1,000.00 Red Intermediate
Top Locations (amount)
$8,595.00 Bloomington SCY '22-23
$650.00 Marttinsville SCY '22-23
$200.00 Unassigned