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Learn-To-Swim Program

Welcome to  Indiana Swim Club Learn-To-Swim Program Registration platform! Our program is designed to: 1) improve your child?s swimming ability, 2) increase your child?s confidence and independence in the water, 3) alert your child to safety issues in aquatic environments, and 4) prepare your child for entry into the world of competitive swimming. This class is appropriate for swimmers age 4 years old or older.

The registration process is simple for new and returning families. You?ll get access to your own private account to view/edit your contact information and current and past class histories. 

Cost:  $65 per session  per swimmer


SESSION 1:   April 9, 11, 16, 18, 23, 25 all at South HS Pool

                   6:20-7PM        Level 1        Level 2        Level 3

SESSION 2:   April 30, May 2, 6, 9, 14, 16 all at South HS Pool

       6:20-7PM        Level 1        Level 2        Level 3


To Register:

  1. Click on the Session number below that you want to sign your child up for.
  2. Choose the Lesson Level for your child 1, 2 or 3 then click Register

Helpful Information:

We want to make this a beneficial and rewarding experience, and we believe that parents play an important role in accomplishing those objectives.  Your attitude can help your child have a fun and positive experience.  The following are policies and procedures for getting the most out of swim lessons. If you have any questions about these policies, please talk with an instructor or the Program Coordinator.

  1. Level Descriptions:
    1. Level 1: An intro to water safety and very basics of swimming.  Floating on your back, Floating on stomach.  Blowing bubbles in the water, submerging for a few seconds, supported kick, supported arm motions.

    2. Level 2:  Learning to submerge and retrieve object, front crawl for 10 yards, basic arm motions, streamline kick, backstroke arms, intro to side breathing. seated dives

    3. Level 3: Mastery of front crawl.  Learn many drills to fine tune back stroke and front crawl strokes. Intro to Fly and Breaststroke.  Diving, race starts.  Swim 25 yards no stopping backstroke and crawl.

  2. Each session is 6 lessons meeting Tuesday, Thursday for 3 weeks. No make-up lessons are given for individual classes missed by participants.
  3. Please ensure that your child is ready for class (dressed, on deck, restroom, etc) prior to lessons.
  4. It is important that the instructor develop a strong leadership role with the class.  This will enable the instructor to conduct an orderly and disciplined class, as well as enhance each student?s confidence as they progress.  We encourage parents to watch the lessons from the designated area ON THE BLEACHERS.  If your child is misbehaving, please let the instructor handle the situation unless the instructor asks for your help.
  5. Instructors will take disciplinary action when a swimmer is unsafe or does not respect the instructors or other swimmers.
  6. Instructors will be available for 15 minutes prior to first class to answer any questions and deal with any concerns.  Please save your questions and comments for this time.  We encourage you to communicate directly with your child?s instructor.  If you have any concerns that you feel you cannot discuss with your child?s instructor contact Jeff LeBeau, Age Group Coach of Indiana Swim Club.
  7. Although goggles are optional, we strongly encourage you to find a youth pair for your child.  Goggles are helpful because children tend to focus on the water getting on their face and in their eyes.  Goggles are a useful tool to encourage children to explore the underwater environment.  Youth goggles can be purchased at local sporting goods. Dick?s Sporting Goods
  8. Students can only make a certain amount of progress within the given class time.  The practicing of skills is crucial to your child?s mastery of those skills.  We strongly encourage parents to take an active interest in the skills learned by their child, and when possible assist their child in practicing these skills during open swim times at local pools.

The entry level of competitive swim team experience in Indiana Swim Club is the Beginning Competitive Group (BComp) which corresponds to Level 3 of the lessons.  Your child may choose to tryout for this group following their session of lessons.  Please feel free to ask your child?s instructor if they feel they would be ready for this group.


We look forward to a safe and enjoyable session and thank you for your patronage.  I will be available prior to all group lessons to address questions and concerns, or you can contact me.

Jeff LeBeau

Age Group Coach, Indiana Swim Club


[email protected]