Important Long Course Information

Allyson Smerud
Mar 19, 2019

In preparation for long course registration opening tomorrow I wanted to communicate changes for this season and point out some resources that you may find helpful.  We hope to have everyone back for long course, but if find yourself in a different body of water, rest assured you will always be welcomed back by ISC.

I apologize up front for the length of the email, however I have divided it into sections, so hopefully it will help you skip to the sections that apply to you.

Pools, Groups & Meets

  • For long course we expect to use South’s Pool and the IU Outdoor Pool most frequently, and when necessary, some groups may need to utilize Royer or Pool 194.
  • The Senior and High School Groups will begin practices the week of March 25th.  All other groups will begin practice the week of April 1st.
  • We are working on scheduling club clinics this summer with the IU Swimmers that will be swimming for ISC (Lilly King, Blake Pieroni, etc.).
  • The group descriptions and training schedules have been updated on the website, which you can access through this LINK.  Please be sure to check your group description, especially for swimmers in or entering High School in the fall.  You can also refer to the news that was sent out last night to the affected groups.
  • You can find the summer meet schedule HERE.

Special Long Course Pro-Rating Policy

  • In the past the club has not approved pro-rate requests for mid-season absences, however for long course we will adjust this policy for families that may not be available for a large portion of the summer.
  • This adjustment is meant to allow swimmers that may be leaving the country for the summer to still be able to swim with us while they are here, i.e. the months of June & July.
  • This policy is not for a typical family vacation, camps, etc., i.e. you will be gone for the 2nd week of June and the week of July 4th and want a pro-rate.
  • All requests must be made before registering via email to  The request must include the dates you plan to leave and return, the name(s) of your swimmer(s), and the reason for the request.
  • I will reply letting you know if the request is approved and explain the months you will be charged membership fees, please do not register until you receive the email confirmation.
  • You will only have the monthly payment option available.  The pay in full discount is not available for anyone receiving a special pro-rate.


  • Scholarships are available.  Everyone requesting a scholarship for long course must apply, even if you received one for short course.  The application can be found HERE.

Registration, Waivers & Fees

  • Please read the FAQ Page of the website.  It is updated regularly and contains valuable information.
  • When registering for long course your account must be current.  Swimmers that have attended Championship Meets this month will need to pay the Championship Meet Entry Fees before registering for long course.
  • Registration opens tomorrow and can be accessed through this LINK or on the website by clicking, “Join Our Team”
  • Fees and waivers for long course can be found HERE