Pool Space for Short Course

Allyson Smerud
Aug 6, 2019

Good Evening, ISC Families!

Before registration opens I wanted to send out some information and hopefully answer a few questions about the pool situation for short course.

As many of you know the North High School Pool is currently closed for construction and we do not expect it to open this season.  After the North Pool is re-opened, the South High School Pool is scheduled to close for renovations.  We will be in a unique situation with both high school teams and all middle schools practicing out of South.  

We expect to use the South Pool until the High School Season begins, at that time our access to South will be drastically reduced and when the middle school season begins we expect it to essentially be eliminated.  The good news is, we have known about this issue for several months, and a few board members have meet with representatives from IU and are working on a proposal in an effort to work together for a solution to our club's pool space during the high school/middle school swim seasons.  Our goal is to use South as much as possible and then the IU facilities (Royer, Pool 194, CBAC). 

A typical practice at an IU Pool costs the club $150-$200 per practice, for the pool rental fee and their lifeguards.  The cost to rent these facilities is not built into our membership fees, because in the past we have not had this expense.  As a club we are not able to obsorb all of these costs, so in an effort to offset some of them there will be a $100 per swimmer facility charge for this short course season.  This fee is going directly to provide pool space for our club while the high schools are under renovation.  Afterwards we expect to return back to having the majority of our practices at either North or South, resulting in the facility fee for short course no longer being necessary.

The good news is once we get through this process we will have better facilities with more pool lanes in the high schools then we have had in the past.

This information does not apply to anyone swimming in either of the Senior Groups since they will only be practicing at South.