Important Information About ISC Programming Prior to Pool Access


Thank you for being a part of the ISC family! These are strange times for everyone—parents and kids are all being asked to get used to very different routines, in a very short period of the time. Our participation in the communities we enjoy—like ISC—have had to change, at least temporarily. At the same time, however, we can choose to draw strength and optimism from participating in these communities in new ways. Our member families provide the motivation that we as board members and coaches need to work hard to make ISC great for all participants, even in the current circumstances. We’re all in this together.

We are excited to let you know of new programming that ISC is offering for the next several weeks, until we are able to get pool access. This message includes important information about club activities and registration options.     

We have two important goals during this unprecedented time:

  1. Keeping our club family together, and
  2. Ensuring that everyone is as prepared as possible, physically and mentally, to start the long course season.

With these in mind, we have worked with the coaches, including Interim Head Coach Curtis Goss, to offer a programming option beginning on April 6th.

Club Programming Before Pool Access

We will offer alternative programming at $39/month, until we have pool access.


  • From now until pool access is restored, ISC members will have one registration option:
    • Pre-Pool Access registration for your swimmer’s usual group (participation in all groups will be billed at $39/month until in-water practices start).
  • Registration fees will be postponed until in-water practices begin.
  • When in-water practices begin, you'll simply register for the usual long course season, with prorated fees. To make this as easy as possible, we've created a spreadsheet that will allow you to see exactly how season fees will be prorated depending on the date of the first pool practice. Simply enter a start date in the yellow highlighted tab in the MM/DD/2020 format to see prorated fees for all groups!
  • Members will be charged $39/month for each month until the first in-water practice, with proration if pool access occurs mid-month.

If you have already registered, we will contact you privately; the default policy will be to receive a credit at the season’s end.


Coach Curtis will be sending out more detailed information on an at-home exercise and swimming skills regimen that will begin on April 6 (the day that long course season would normally begin). This programming is intended to keep kids engaged until we hit the water for long course season, and to keep the social and exercise aspects of our amazing team intact.

Programming will feature is a menu-style approach, with a number of different "appetizers," "entrees," and "desserts" to choose from each day, along with 1-2 challenges and several activities per week including

  • dryland exercise routines
  • video review hangouts,
  • a workout writing competition,
  • watching teammates cook a meal,
  • visualization exercises,
  • webinars and guest lectures from experts on nutrition, sports psychology, and more,
  • virtual “group” meetings,
  • and many others (if you’ve got ideas, let us know)!

The coaches are also working on ways that swimmers can keep track of all of their hard work during this time so that coaches and teammates can see all of the progress they're still making. Additionally, Coach Curtis will be working with his Indiana University colleagues on nutrition advice for offseason eating and eating for a healthy life. How much will be offered will be determined in part by how many families subscribe, so please register if you can!

We are also going to have club-wide challenges – who can make fun videos about innovative ways to practice without pools, or which group has the best dryland participation?

Club Programming After Pool Access

Once we have pool access, we will prorate fees based on the remaining season time. At that time, we will ask members to re-register for swimmers’ usual groups, and pay prorated season fees.  

We hope that this answers some questions that you might have. If you have any further questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with either Jody Madeira or Interim Head Coach Curtis Goss.