ISC Summer Season Information!


The coaches are very excited to bring to you our “out-of-water” programming for this summer season! What we have made is our best effort of bringing the fun, educational, exercise, and competitive aspects of swimming training into your homes with an ISC Summer Season Challenge!

When will the ISC Summer Season Challenge begin?

This programming will begin on Monday, April 6th!

How can we access it?

The first step is to register! Swimmer(s) will not be able to participate in the first scoring update on April 20th unless they are registered.

We will be running this game from a Google Drive folder.

Please, please, please share this link with swimmers!:

Everything will be communicated through this folder and via email, but giving swimmers having access to the link ensures that they can get information about Zoom meetings and challenges without help from a parent.

What fabulous prizes await?

The top 2 point-scorers in each group will receive an ISC goodie bag, including

  • an ISC cap signed by USA National Team and Olympic swimmers training here in Bloomington and
  • a sweet treat during the first week we’re back in the water!

Further details about the game and the game rules can be found in the Resources folder. New information will be added every 2 weeks.

Zoom Meetings with Coaches! - Wednesday, April 8th, 4 p.m.

Our first Zoom meeting will take place Wednesday (4/8) at 4 PM and will feature (weather permitting) Coach Curtis and Coach Akari going through many of the exercise on the Exercise sheet and performing demonstrations. We will also be answering any questions about the game.

Coach's Challenge Contests!

Our first Coach’s Challenge comes to you from Coach Vilmos. He’s challenging swimmers to write the best swimming workout for their group! The best swimming workout in each group will be determined by the coaches, and you might even see it the first week back in the water! Email your submissions to Coach Curtis ( before 5 PM on Wednesday, April 15 to be eligible.

Lastly, your feedback during this process is appreciated. What we hope with this game is that it keeps swimmers engaged and that they and their families can get out of it what they put into it. The coaches want to be respectful of your time constraints and your needs during this difficult time, so please do not hesitate to reach out and let us know how we can improve or change this product and best engage swimmers.