We believe, by building each of our Seven Core Pillars, we help foster the best team atmosphere possible to foster upstanding members of society, leaders, and exceptional athletes.  



Team: Everything you do for yourself you are also doing for the team,

            Everything you do for the team you are also doing for yourself.


Perseverance: Our Coaches teach an underlying understanding and appreciation for goal setting, time management and physical and mental toughness. 


Leadership: We strive to develop each swimmer to their individual potential. We want our swimmers to reach their individual goals both in and out of the water to become successful young leaders in today’s society. 


Work: Hard work is a key ingredient for success. Our coaches can often be heard telling their athletes, “Success comes through hard work and dedication.”


Accountability: We at Elkhart United Aquatics want to develop swimmers with great attitudes toward their coaches, peers, competitors and life outside the pool.  



Vision: It is our vision to empower our swimmers to become premier athletes in a safe, positive, and healthy environment that serves swimmers at all levels of competition, from beginners to those that wish to compete at the national level. 


Enthusiasm: We believe in connecting our senior level swimmers with our young age group swimmers both in training and at meets. We believe this builds a family environment and increases the enthusiasm and camaraderie our swimmers have for swimming and life beyond the sport.


We incorporate these values into our daily practices at the pool and then have practices which specifically celebrate our growth in our core pillars:


Beads - Swimmers are given beads that correspond to specific behaviors we notice which go above and beyond the normal daily experience. 


Classroom Lessons - One time a week, we have class instead of dryland. During that class, we talk about mental training, nutrition, and other important topics. We also implement  short lessons on skills and specifics that we are looking for in our swimmers the following week.

Celebrations at the End of Practice - At the end of dryland practice, we have an opportunity for swimmers and coaches to recognize other swimmers and things they have appreciated or noticed during the week.