Indiana Swimming

Current Tryout information- we always are looking for students interested in swimming. If you would like to try out please contact Coach Michelle at (574)596-0297. Typical tryouts will be at 6:30 any week day.

For the 2018-2019 season, all practices will be at Central as Memorial High School's pool is closed. 

Our Seasons

​Winter season starts the day after labor day and all swimmers can practice through February 23.

Summer Season start the Monday following the first Monday back after spring break in April and all swimmers can swim the the middles of July.

What to Expect

Anyone new to the team will demonstrate their swimming abilities during tryouts so that our coaches can determine where the best place to start each child will be. As long as they swim at least 1/2 a pool length (12 1/2 yard or approx. 37 feet) we have a group they can fit into. For more information about specific groups please see the group tab underneath swim team above.

During the tryout, each swimmer will kick and swim. Coaches and lifeguards watch carefully over the swimmers for safety and coaches will give some instruction to see what fast improvements we can make that night.

At the end of the tryout we will pull parents over to join the swimmers and explain the group that the swimmers will start in, the next steps, and the paperwork we wil need. Coaches and board members will be on hand to answer questions during and after tryouts.

For tryout please bring a swim suit and towel. If you have a cap and goggles please bring them as they will be helpful to correct swimming.

All new swimmers can start the new season on Monday, September 14th.