Indiana Swimming
Spring NE Divisional Championship
March 3-5, 2023
Elkhart Health and Aquatics Center
200 E. Jackson Blvd
WEATHER ANNOUNCEMENT - There is no change to Sunday's Times.
Admissions fees: Single Day pass = $10       Weekend Pass = $20
12 and Under Spectators are Free
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Psych Sheet *Updated 3/3/23

Warm up Lane Schedule

Estimated Timeline *Updated 3/3/23 Correct Pool Name
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Please note the deadline of 2-27-23

Warm-up: 3:30 PM
Begins: 5:00 PM

Heat Sheet 

Boys Shallow   -   Girls Deep


Saturday Prelims
Warm-up: 7:45 AM
Begins: 9:00 AM
Heat Sheet

Girls Shallow  -  Boys Deep

Saturday 10 & Under
Warm-up: 11:15 AM
Begins: 12:00 PM
Heat Sheet
Saturday Finals
Warm-up: 2:15 PM
Begins: 3:15 PM
Heat Sheet

Sunday Prelims
Warm-up: 6:45 AM
Begins: 8:00 AM
Heat Sheet

Girls Deep  -  Boys Shallow

Sunday 10 & Under
Warm-up: 11:15 AM
Begins: 12:00 PM
Heat Sheet
Sunday Finals
Warm-up: 2:15 PM
Begins: 3:15 PM
Heat Sheet