Arrival and Warm-up
Plan to arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled warm -up time. Please be on time for the warm-ups! Meets can be one day, two days or three days long. Each day there are usually two sessions each which lasts about 4 to 5 hours. Each swimmer swims in only one session per day, (unless there are finals).

Most meets require a sign-in of the swimmer. Sign-in sheets are usually posted in the entryway of the pool. Directions for sign-in are usually posted. Failure to sign in, if required, can result in being scratched from that day''s events.

It is customary for swimmers to have a "team area" at meets and to sit together as a group. This helps promote team unity and team spirit. A member of Cardinal�s coaching staff always conducts warm-ups. Team members are required to warm-up with the team. It is important that swimmers and parents alike understand that a good warm-up is an essential part of a successful performance.

Gear and Apparel 
It is strongly recommended that each swimmer should bring two towels, swim suits, two pairs of goggles, two caps, socks and soft -sole shoes or sandals, Card team attire (T -shirt, Caps, etc.), a nutritious snack and some sort of plastic bottle filled with water, Gatorade, PowerAde. Etc.

Swimmers are 
required to wear the Cardinal team suit (black suit with CARD logo) and designated team cap during swim meet competitions.  Cardinal apparel (t-shirts, shorts, hats, etc) are also encouraged to be worn at the swim meets. This promotes team unity, pride, and aids parent recognition. 

New Swimmers and Parent Suggestions
Buy the heat sheet. Heat sheets usually cost around $5.00 and will provide all event information.

While your child swims warm-ups, you will have time to situate your things in the camping area. Bleacher area is for viewing-please check if you can bring food, coolers, large bags, etc. � into the bleacher area. Most meets depend on concessions and might not allow coolers.

Listen for your child''s events to be called. Take your child to the clerk of course or have them report to the coach if there is no clerk of course. Your swimmer will be assigned a heat and lane. Remember-parents are not allowed on deck. 

Always check with your coach before leaving for the day. Your child may be entered into a relay at the last minute.

Official times and results are usually posted within 30 minutes of the race. These are the times parents should record into the swimmer''s logbook. Logbooks are usually available for sale at the meets.

Coaches pick up ribbons and awards at the end of the swim meet. They are placed into swim boxes within a couple of days.

Before and After Each Event 
Each swimmer is responsible for knowing which event (s) he is swimming and being on time to the assigned lane. Heat and lane assignments for each event are typically posted on deck. It is suggested that young swimmers write their event numbers in ink on the top of their hand.

At the conclusion of each race swimmers should ask the lane timers for the unofficial time. Upon receiving this time, the swimmers are to report immediately and directly to the coaching staff present at the meet. This debriefing gives the coaches an opportunity to discuss the race with the swimmers and add comments concerning splits, stroke technique, race strategy, warm down, etc.

Between races, swimmers are expected to pay close attention to the meet and cheer for their teammates.

Receiving Awards 
Whenever there is a system of presenting awards at a meet, it is expected that swimmers be prompt and cooperative at the presentation. Our swimmers are to be polite and modestly thankful for any awards they receive. It is appropriate to congratulate other swimmers and to receive like congratulations with a "thank you."

At major meets, such as Divisional and State, there will be podium presentations. These are great photo opportunities for proud parents and swimmers.