​CGAC Board of Directors and Coordinators

Center Grove Aquatic Club is a non-profit organization governed by our parent volunteer Board of Directors and members of the coaching staff. The CGAC Board meets monthly and is responsible to provide and oversee administrative and financial support for the coordination and implementation of team activities as well as daily business operations of the club.

The board is comprised of four elected executive officers (the Head Age Group Coach is the 5th executive board member per club bylaws), members of the coaching staff, coordinators of the standing committees, and other appointed individuals designated by the president. Parents, please contact the club’s Board President to place a topic on the agenda for discussion at an upcoming meeting.

Important things to remember about parent Board members (from SwimSwam article):



    1.   Board members are swim parents, too. They want the best for their swimmers and the team. They’d like some time to enjoy a swim meet and to watch their swimmers race.

    2    Being a board member can be time consuming. Many unscheduled issues arise that have to be dealt with right away. Plus, we still have our families, our kids, and very often—full time jobs.

    3    We take our service seriously. Often we have hours of debate and do lots of research before we vote. If you question a decision, talk to board members and ask what led to their decision.

    4    Board members need help. I remember feeling overwhelmed with writing the newsletter, press releases, going to schools with fliers, signing people up to help with team banquets, etc. I was thrilled when I could get other parents to volunteer.

    5    We work for free. Although serving on the board sometimes felt like a full-time job—it wasn’t. It was a volunteer position that didn’t give me or my kids any perks. Swimming is the best activity my kids have ever been involved in. I was happy to give back and I wanted our team to be successful. 

    6    If you have an issue that you’re concerned about, please talk to a board member or your kid’s coach. Don’t talk about it with other parents on deck. After 14 years, I have never seen a problem resolved with parents discussing it among themselves.


CGAC Board Officers and Coordinators​:

Board President

Heather Trammell

Oversee the operation of the club.  Plan and conduct meetings of the team board, parents, or coaches as necessary. Team representative at Indiana Swimming House of Delegates. Supervise and provide guidance to board member and committee chairs. Act as team mediator for any problems or conflicts that may arise.  Delegate responsibilities to board members and team volunteers as needed.

Vice President

Adam Norman

Supports the president as needed; Act as liaison between our team and other teams. Responsible for team/vendor contracts. Supervise Team Apparel & Team Awards; Oversee team apparel selection/ordering. Work with Awards Coordinator to order team trophies and support team recognitions. Attend board meetings. Other duties as needed.


Beckey Conkin

Steward of all club documents; responsible to maintain all club information and documents; Prepares board meeting agenda and minutes and ensure these are distributed to board members. Supervise team registration and meet coordinator; Responsible for team correspondence; Attend team board meetings. Other duties as needed. 


Erin Graybeal

Prepares and oversees team budget.  Keep an up-to-date, accurate record of all financial transactions.  Collect registration and non-participation fees, make bank deposits, write checks to pay bills and coaching staff, reimburse volunteers.  Supervise team fundraising.  Prepare end of year financial report.  Attend team board meetings. Other duties as needed. 


Jenniffer Lyness

Ensures content and intent of all electronic communications adheres to the USA Swimming Code of Conduct regarding Athlete Protection Policies. Creates and posts electronic newsletter to parents/swimmers. Responsible to escalate communications issues or concerns to the Board and work to assist in resolving. Communicates to local area schools regarding registrations; works with website admin to coordinate updates and communications for swim club.


Karen Brandon

Susan Gallagher

Responsible for planning and execution of any team fundraising events (Swim-A-Thon, etc.). Creates and maintains Team relationships with businesses, sponsors and vendors donating funds to the club. Partner and oversee anyone involved in a fundraising event or activity for the team.

Meet Coordinator

Holly Argiris

Amanda Lavery

Coordinates all aspects of the "dry side" of meets, including organizing volunteers for team sponsored meets and overseeing concessions and hospitality areas. Generate list of volunteer positions needed to be filled at each home meet. Serves as point of contact for parent volunteers during the meet. Work & communicate with parents as necessary to get slots filled and ensure that volunteering responsibility is spread amongst families. Assist with training of volunteers at the start of the season. Maintain list of volunteers that met their credit requirements. participated for their slotted time and date and keep record of family participation and outstanding credits.

Lead CGAC Official

Brian Lewis

Responsible for coordinating Officials for home meets, ensuring requirements for hosting meets. Certifying new Officials, ensuring USA Swimming/ISI Officials Coordinator. Checking meet equipment.

Registration/Meet Entry Manager

Michele DeLuna

Be familiar with operation of swim team computer database; provide training and assistance to coaches and ribbon writers as necessary.  Oversee meet set-up.   Ensure coaches get results after each meet. Have all necessary supplies at each meet (e.g., cards, ribbons, timers, lights, batteries). Take ownership of meet management data. Ensure swimmer times from each meet are put on team website.  Print the finals results after the meets and provide them to Awards coordinator. Attend team board meetings. Other duties as needed.

Team Social/Events

Amanda Bean

Coordinates ‘off the pool deck’ events and activities for the club, including arranging banquets, holiday parties, and team dinners.  Arranges hotel blocks. Responsible for communications regarding social club/team events.

Webadmin/Registration Team 

Kathryn Adams

Responsible to oversee electronic, team website information, and email applications; Responsible for website domain and posting information on the Team Unify site. Responsible to program electronic registrations, coordinate registration days, signs ups, other team events.

UIndy Site

Sarah Ebert

Kathleen McGuire


Team Apparel

Connie Poston

Responsible for team store, managing and maintaining inventory, including supplies for team apparel, equipment, caps, and meet and spirit wear, adhering to the budget set forth by the Board Works with team vendors to ensure equipment is delivered.

Team Awards

Erin Howe

Responsible for ordering proper amount of ribbons for the entire swim season, prior to the beginning of the season, adhering to the budget set forth by the Board. Define end-of-season/year awards/trophies and manages order and delivery. 

Parent Mentor

Deia Howell




Plans for, purchases and/or makes the food and drink that is sold at the concession stand to swimmers and spectators during the meet.  Ensures appropriate inventory is maintained before and after each meet. Sets up the concession area, clean up, and take the leftover inventory back to appropriate storage.


Deanna Rice

Jennifer Henninger

Kaci Hennessy

Planning and executing menus for each day of the meet. Solicits food/beverage donations from vendors. Completes bulk shopping for hospitality food/supplies. Prepares/serve food to coaching staff/ officials and distributes food and water to volunteers on deck during the team hosted meets.

Board Advisory Members

  • Amy Spencer - Head Age Group Coach / CG Site Senior Team (Voting Member)
  • Kevin Trammell - Head Coach Mooresville site (Voting Member)
  • Jason Hite - Head Coach UIndy site / Senior Team (Voting Member)
  • Mark Madden - Coach
  • Casey Hedeen - Coach
  • Samantha Dikeman - Coach
  • Allie Shafer - Coach
  • Brian Glover - Coach
  • Sam Acensio - Coach 
  • Michele Shinn - Coach
  • Lauren Beckner - Coach
  • Connor Conroy - Coach