General Team Information

On this page you will find general information about Center Grove Aquatic Club. This information is fairly general and families should feel free to contact us at [email protected] or a board member for specific questions. 


Practices are offered Monday through Thursday and Saturday (members of the Senior/High School team practice on Fridays). Schedule changes will be sent out via email.. Please make sure you are receiving emails.  Click here to view our monthly practice schedules by training groups.


Specific swimmer questions should always be directed to your swimmer’s coach. Click here to view the email addresses are listed on the Coach's page.

  • Samantha Dikeman (White Team)
  • Lauren Beckner (White Team, Sharks & Minnows)
  • Casey Hedeen (Red Team)
  • Allie Shafer (Red Team)
  • Mark Madden (Black Team)
  • Michele Shinn (Black Team)
  • Conor (Pre-Senior, Senior/HS Team, UIndy)
  • Brian Glover (Pre-Senior/Senior CG and Mooresville site)
  • Amy Spencer (Head Age Group Coach, Pre-Seniors, High School Team) 
  • Jim Todd (Head Coach Senior/High School Team)
  • Jason Hite (Head Coach UIndy Teams)
  • TBA (Assistant Coach UIndy Teams)
  • Kevin Trammell (Head Coach Mooresville Team)


We have a lot of information to get our to our families throughout the season. Emails are THE primary form of communication.  It’s important that you provide an email address that is checked frequently. It is important to read the entire email message thoroughly to the end.  We send out a weekly newsletter email every Tuesday with team reminders and last minute changes as well as general information. If you miss the email, the newsletter is posted on our team website. We also update our team website as this will be our main information hub.  Announcements and event reminders are also be published on our Facebook Page (Closed Group): Center Grove Aquatics Club-Official-Parents/Guardians.  Submit a request to the site owner to be added to the Facebook group. This is a great way to keep up to date on CGAC happenings, ask questions, recognize the team.


We offer a number of local meets for all members of our team. We typically attend one (1) local invitational/closed invitational per month. Additionally, we may offer our swimmers the opportunity to attend a short travel meet during the short course season and a longer travel meet during the summer season. Families will sign-up for meets using our Meet Sign-up link that can be found on the events section of the website. You will be able to log in to your family account and select which meets and days you would like to attend. Once the meet deadline passes, no changes will be made to our team entry. CGAC pays entry and meet fees upfront. The meet fees will be billed to your account after the meet. If you RSVP your swimmer, and he or she does not swim, you will still be billed for the meet fees. A meet schedule with information and entry deadline dates can be found on the meet/events section of the team website and you will be notified of entry deadlines by email. Most 2-3 day meets cost approximately $35-$45 to compete the entire weekend. 


Are you NEW TO SWIM MEETS? If so, please click here to refer to the 'General Meet Info' If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the team's Parent Mentor Representative at p[email protected]


We host 2-3 home swim meets and will co-host 1-2 away meets during the year. This is the MAJOR fundraiser for our club. All families are required as part of their member commitment to work a few sessions at each meet we host. More details on these meets will be communicated to all CGAC families at the beginning of each season and are outlined in the club credit agreement signed during registration. Our parents and families are critical to the success of every swim meet we host for our team. If you already know that you will not able to work at a meet on the weekend, the team has other opportunities to earn your club credits. Our Meet Coordinator will work with you.


There are some requirements for equipment and apparel for our team. Each of our training groups has different equipment required for practice use. It is highly recommended each swimmer keep their equipment in a mesh bag marked with their name. There are hooks located in the pool to keep their mesh bag and equipment in between practices. Click here to view the team training groups and any required equipment. All swimmers on the team should have one or two practice suits and one form fitting team suit to compete in meets. Team Suits will be available for try-on and purchase at the parent meeting and during new swimmer evaluation (before swimmers enter the water)!  Spirit wear apparel will be available for purchase to team members for online ordering. Emails will be sent when the online store is open.  If you have any questions about team apparel and equipment ordering, please contact our Team Apparel Coordinator at

Registration Process

Registration for the swim team is done online through our registration link on the front of our home website page. To sign up online, swimmers must be a returning member of the team from the previous season or have attended our tryouts and have been assigned to a training group. There are many benefits to this online registration - most notably the ability to use credit/debit cards (CGAC pays all credit card transaction fees) and fees are deducted directly from your checking account. Fees are calculated in monthly installments. All swimmers must pay the USA Swimming membership fee and a Family registration fee once a year (in September). New swimmers must be registered within one week of their team assignment in order to practice with the team.


There is an abundance of great information for swimming parents and swimmers on the USA swimming website (, as well as the ‘Parent Info Page’ tab on our website.  Most of the information is accessible without logging onto the website. On this page you can learn more about the Role of a Parent, Swimmer Growth & Development, Your Child's Training and Nutrition & Health.


In compliance with USA swimming, CGAC has developed club policies for Team Communications, Parent and Swimmer Code of Conducts/Bullying, Fee/Late Fees, Club Credit, Safe Sport and Team Travel.  These policies are posted as part the online Registration process, accessible on the 'Parent Info Page’ tab on our website (when you are signed in) and outlined in the Parent-Team Handbook.