Registration Information

Once your swimmer has been evaluated and placed on the team and assigned a training group, please complete the registration process within one week of your swimmer starting practices. 

Click here to begin the online registration process. 

If you attend one of the open evaluation nights (September and April), CGAC staff will be available on the pool deck to help walk you through the online registration process and help answer any questions. If you missed the in person registration days, you can also register online at home anytime by clicking the link above or on the home page of the website.

If we do not receive your proof of age document (birth certificate), and your fees within one week of registering, your swimmer will not be allowed in the water.  Please scan and email your proof of age document directly to the Registration Chair at [email protected]

If you prefer to hand deliver your swimmer's birth certificate, instead of email, you can send a copy of your swimmer's birth certificate in on their first day and turn it in to thier coach.

Please remember your registration is not complete until you electronically sign the registration agreements, provide your swimmer's proof of age document and all fees are paid.

To learn more about our swim team, including Monthly Fees and Team Structure, please use the "Join CGAC" drop down menu and explore there for more information. Pay particular attention to the "Fees and Billing" page so you are aware of the financial commitment the swim team requires of our members.  


Swimmers transferring from one USA Swimming team to another must also complete the following Transfer Form.  It is not necessary to include the USA Swimming Form if you are currently registered with USA Swimming.  However, we still need the Proof of Age documentation and Transfer Form.

Indiana Swimming Transfer Form

All registration questions should be addressed to the Registration Admin, Michele DeLuna via email [email protected]

Welcome to our CGAC Swim Family!  We are looking forward to an exciting swim season!