Sharks and Minnows

Improve your stroke tehnique while developing your love of the sport!

Requirements to join: 

  • Must be evaluated by a CGAC coach and placed in the program, be recommended for the program from a swim lesson coach, or be continuing from a previous Sharks & Minnows session.
  • Must be able to swim 25 yards of freestyle and feel comfortable swimming on their back.

This CGAC pre-competitive swim program is an introductory program for children ages 5-10, that includes basic stroke instruction, turns, starts, and an introduction to racing. The purpose of the pre-competitive program is to introduce the techniques and skills necessary to be a part of the entry levels of our year-round competitive swim team.

The pre-competitive team does not typically participate in competition, unless the coach and parent agree their swimming has reached a level for early novice competition. 

This is an excellent program for children who wish to improve their swimming skills, while gaining the benefit and experience of a team environment. 

Swimmers are encouraged to attend as many of the practice sessions as possible, but attendance is not mandatory. All practices are coached by a USA Swimming certified coaches. 

For additional information, send an email to [email protected] 


When can I move up to the Competitive CGAC Team?

Moving up to the next level in CGAC's program will be up to the Sharks & Minnows coach. Your coach is the individual best able to assess a swimmers readiness to make this next step.

Have your swimmer talk to their coach about their goals on a regular basis. Teaching the swimmers while they are young to speak to their coach and to be thier own advocate is a great learning skill! Of course, the coach is always happy to speak to parents. Please reach out to schedule a time by email to Lead Sharks & Minnows Coach, Mina Mazdai at [email protected]