Q:  Who's in charge of what?

A:  We’re hoping that the FAQ’s on this page will answer most of your questions, but if you don’t find what you need, check out our CGAC Board Contacts page to find the right person to answer any questions.

Team/Club Information 

Q: What's the process for new swimmers joining the club?
A: There is a swimmer evaluation with the coaches, to make sure kids are water safe.  Registration follows, and then a parent meeting.  Send an email to [email protected] to help you get up to speed if you have questions.

Q: How much is membership?
A: The registration page has details of the registration process and costs.  The current fees and rates can be found here.  CGAC has no other club fees or membership costs.

Q: How many members does CGAC have?  

A: The exact count varies with each season; however, we generally average around 190 swimmers.

Q: What are the team’s swim seasons?  

A: CAGC has two seasons. The fall/winter (short course) is active from September through March. The spring/summer season (long course) is active mid-April through early August.

Q: When does the team practice?  

A: Practices are usually offered six days a week. A practice schedule is posted for each training group on the team website here. Each training group has requirements for practices and attendance.  Practice times are subject to change due to the events at the pool and high school and middle school swim team schedules during season.

Q: Where does the team practice?  

A: Practices are held at the Center Grove High School pool and sometimes during the summer months, we train at the IU Natatorium on the campus of IUPUI.  CGAC also has a second satellite pool location on the campus of University of Indianapolis (UIndy) at the Ruth Lilly Fitness Center.

Q: Can I watch my swimmer practice?  

A: Parents/family are encouraged to show a great deal of interest in their child at practice. Parents are welcome, but not required, to observe practice from the bleachers. The coaches request, however, that you refrain from talking or interacting with your child during practice. This can be disruptive and confusing for the swimmer and the other children on the team.  All parents must observe practice from the bleachers and are not allowed on the pool deck due to safety precautions.

Q: When is a good time to talk with the coach?  

A: If you need to communicate with the coach, please email the coach or wait until after practice. Please remember that the coach's responsibility is to the swimmers in the water during practice.

Q: I am new to the Swim Team - what do all these words mean?
A: Check out the swim glossary HERE for definitions of some swim lingo and terms.

Q: When does "X" happen?
A: All swim meets, social events etc. are posted on the CGAC Team Calendar and the Events pages listed on the home page of the website. New events and updates will be provided by email, so make sure to update your online account and swimmer profiles with your current email, phone and SMS Text numbers.  A weekly newsletter will typically be sent every Tuesday during the swim season alerting you of upcoming events and deadlines.  A bulletin board is also updated on the pool deck with meet entries and meet information.

Q: Where/what is the ribbon folder?
A: File boxes with folders for each swimmer are located near the ‘Ribbon Room’ office. It is your responsibility to check your folder regularly for ribbons, certificates, college letters, flyers, and the occasional goodies for the swimmers.


Q: How do we stay informed about Swim Team news?

A: Each week, we use the Team Unify Email System to send out Team Announcements and our Coaching update via an electronic newsletter. We try to keep emails to a minimum—one per week. However, sometimes it may be necessary to send out a time sensitive email so families may receive more than one email from the team during the week. Also, certain practice groups may receive a “group specific “email from the coaching staff regarding practice changes or meet information.

Q: What kind of information can be found on the CGAC website?

A: The CGAC Team website is a valuable tool for communication and for overall team management. We use the website for not only managing our membership database but also for billing, emails, and meet entries/RSVP. This system is hosted by Team Unify. The CGAC Home Page is divided into 6 important areas. About CGAC: This drop-down includes information on Team, Program, Coaching Staff, and Advisory Board Members. How to Join: Includes information about registration, 2 week trial and other swim programs we offer. Team Information: Included in this drop-down menu are links to General Team Info, New Member Info, Practice Groups, Fees, and Team Forms. Team Practice Calendars: We use a Google calendar system and you can locate all calendars for all swim programs and other swim team related events on this page. We have a Parent Info Page… Definitely check this area out – there are a number of great resources for New Swim Parents. Events/Meets: This link takes you to a list of the Current and Upcoming Swim Meets and Team Events posted on the Home Page. Links: This page has several links to swimming related websites, including High School Swimming, Swimming World Magazine, Swimming & Diving, etc.) 

Q: Do I need a password? Is the website private?

A: Some parts of the website are public and other parts are "Members Only" –billing, account info, job sign-ups, and meet/event rsvps. When you join the team, you are provided a password to use to access the private portions of the website. Whenever you visit the website, you should sign-in so you can view every aspect of the site and not just the links available to the general public. Need help signing in, or forgot your logon/password combo?  Send an email [email protected] and we will get back to you ASAP.

Q: OK, so I logged in, but what do I do with the site now?

1.      Check out the newsletter 

2.      Review the monthly calendar for events

3.     RSVP or Sign up for swim meets

5.      Learn more about our club, general swimming info, review college swimming info

6.     See records for our club and individual swimmers

7.    Check your account balance and billing information

8.    See swimming links to more info

Billing and Fees

Q: Who do I contact if I have questions regarding my account or billing fees? 

A: If you have questions regarding your account you should contact the club treasurer, Chris Cuadros via email at [email protected]

Q: How Much Do I Owe and What Am I Being Billed For?

A: Toward the end of each month, all families will receive a 'Bill Preview email'. This email will tell you what your impending balance is expected to be on the 1st of the month, minus any deposits made on the last day of the month. By receiving this “preview”, it gives families time to contact the club treasurer if they feel they have been billed in error for some item.

Q: Do I have to use a credit or debit card to pay monthly fees?  

A: CGAC accepts payments by credit, ACH (debit cards) for the 2017-2018 season. CGAC covers any credit card transaction fees. We are able to maintain more balanced and current records for accounting and budgeting purposes by accepting credit/debit cards for payment.  If you are unable to use a credit or debit card, you must make prior arrangement with our club treasurer by sending an email to [email protected]

Team Equipment 

Q: What type of swimsuit will my child need?  

A: Girls should wear one-piece swim suits with straps that are preferably connected in the back near the shoulders so that they do not slip off. Boys are encouraged, but not required, to wear stretch type suits called ‘jammers’. (Note: 80% of the boys wear this type of suit in both practice and competition.)

Q: Is my swimmer required to have a team swim suit or cap?

A: Yes, for swim meets. The team suit is a black suit with our team logo, but a plain black suit is also fine. Coach Amy prefers swimmers wear polyester suits for practices and most meets. Boys are encouraged, but not required, to wear stretch type suits called ‘jammers’. (Note: 80% of the boys wear this type of suit in both practice and competition.) More expensive technical suits should be saved for special or championship type meets only. Swim caps are worn by most of our swimmers, especially girls, to protect their hair and to cut down "drag" in the water during meets. CGAC has a team swim cap. One will be given to each swimmer which they are required to wear at meets. This helps the coach identify his/her swimmers in the event. If the swim cap is lost or damaged, a cap will be given to the swimmer and their account will be charged $5.00 for the swim cap.  At the beginning of each season, we also sell personalized caps that swimmers can customize with their nickname or first/last name.

Q: What kind of goggles should I buy for my swimmer?

A: Goggles are strongly encouraged to allow the swimmer to keep their eyes open in the water during training for better awareness of other swimmers and the walls at the end of the lane. Goggles also reduce the amount of chlorine irritation. There are many types of goggles, however, competition type goggles are best and are available at local sporting goods stores. We have some goggles available for purchase at our team store.  For smaller children, a junior size fits best. Young swimmers often lose goggles in the excitement of practice or a meet, so you may want to have more than one pair.

Q: Is there any other equipment I need to buy?

A:  A kickboard and pull buoy are highly recommended. Higher training groups will need additional equipment such as snorkel, paddles and a drag suit. Swim sandals are encouraged for walking in the locker room and pool area to protect the swimmers feet and prevent slipping.  A mesh bag with your swimmer's name to hold equipment used during training is highly recommended.  A Swim bag is highly recommended - to carry other "stuff" such as suits, caps, towel and shower supplies.  Swim Outlet is a good place to find this equipment for reasonable prices.


Q: When are meets held? 

A: Invitational swim meets are held on weekends. Meets are usually 2-3 days in length and start on Friday evening and end on Sunday afternoon. There are typically morning sessions and afternoon sessions, with the older swimmers typically competing during the morning session and the younger swimmers competing during the afternoon session.  Your swimmer can compete one, two or all three days of the meet, depending on their readiness and your availability.  Our team attends a swim meet about every 3-4 weeks. Most meets are local in central Indiana.

Q: Is my swimmer required to attend meets?  

A: Competing in a swim meet is not mandatory. However, the coaches strongly encourage all swimmers to participate in a meet at some point in the season. Attending meets gives the swimmer a sense of why he/she is practicing. Going to swim practice and never attending a meet would be like going to basketball practice and never playing a game. Every child is different and some need more time than others to be comfortable with competition. The coach is a good resource for helping you determine when your child is ready. 

Q: How will my swimmer be competing at a meet?  

A: When competing, swimmers are divided into specific age groups. The age groups are: 8 & under, 9 & 10, 11 & 12, 13 & 14, 15 & over or 'Open'.  Girls compete against girls; boys against boys.  Relay teams are determined by age group and by the coaching staff.

Q: How is my swimmer's age determined for the meet?  

A: The age of the swimmer is determined by their age on the first day of the meet.

Q: What should I take to a meet?
A: See the website page 'Parent Info Page' for suggestions and information about swimming at a meet. Click HERE to read the 'Meet Survival Guide'.

Q: How do I know what my swimmer(s) will be swimming at each meet?
A: Meet entry sheets will be posted at the pool on the team bulletin board near the entrance to the pool. Swimmers and parents are encouraged to consult with the coaches if there are any discrepancies prior to the meet.

Q: How do I RSVP my swimmer for swim meets?
A: The instructions to sign your swimmer up for a meet are listed here

Q: What should swimmers bring to a swim meet?

A: CGAC Team cap, CGAC Team suit, T-shirt/team and warm up jacket./pants.  Plenty of towels. Healthy snacks and hydration. Money for a Heat Sheet- $5-$10. Sharpie/Highlighter. Chairs (not all facilities have bleachers or seating). Warm clothes for your swimmer.

Q: What if my swimmer wants to participate in a swim meet that I am unable to attend?   

A: Talk with other parents of the swim club to make travel arrangements for your child. Most parents are willing to help others out in transporting swimmers to and from swimming events.

Q: What does swimming "short course" and "long course" mean ? What is the difference?

A: Short pool/long season, long pool/short season . . . definitely confusing. And the answer is rooted in the length of the pool, not the length of the season or time of year. So start with an understanding that “Course” is synonymous with “Pool”.  Swimming is conducted in two different “courses”. Short course pools are 25 yards or meters long. Most people are familiar with the 25 yard course as this is the common pool in high schools, colleges, YMCAs and fitness centers. As this is the most common indoor course we refer to the Fall/Winter (Indoor) season as the “Short Course” season. Olympic swimming is conducted in pools 50 meters long, hence the designation “Long Course”. As most 50 meter courses are outdoors we refer to the Spring/Summer season as the “Long Course” (Outdoor)  season. CGAC practices in both short course pools (25 yards or 'SCY') oand long course pool (50 meters or 'LCM')

General Information

Q: Why are we required to volunteer at swim meets?

A: The costs of the team are greatly reduced by the wonderful assistance of many families. There are so many ways that even the smallest contribution of time can make a great impact on the team. It has been shown that children tend to be more committed to things in which their parents are also involved. Our team requires each family to volunteer 6 credits each during short course season and 1 credit during the summer (April-August).  1 credit is earned by working 1 session of a CGAC hosted meet and/or donating a $30 Walmart gift card. Families can fulfill only 2 volunteer credits by donating the Walmart gift card. Walmart gift cards are used to purchase concessions  food, supplies, paper products, and miscellaneous equipment. In order to receive credit for hours worked, families must verify they have completed their shift by signing the Volunteer Sign In sheet during the home swim meet or other designated volunteer option. 

Q: What kind of social events happen during the swim season? How do I sign-up or get information?
A: CGAC offers several social events for both swimmers and parents during the swim season.  None of these events are mandatory, but often are the swimmer’s best memories of the swim season.

Some of those events include:

 Age-Group Socials
 Annual Indians baseball Game
Fall Tailgate Picnic
 Parent Socials (Aqua Dads Club, Swim Moms Night Out)
 Holiday Parties
Team Dinner
 End of Season Banquet

Information for each of these events can be found on the CGAC Team Events Calendar.  In addition, information concerning details of each event and sign up requirements will be sent in the weekly newsletter.  It is imperative that you RSVP for each of these events by the date given.  Most of them require prior reservations and food orders so proper head-count is a must.

Q: Who do I contact if I have questions regarding my account? 

A: If you have questions regarding your account you should contact the club treasurer and billing coordinator via [email protected]

Q: Who makes decisions for the club?  

A: A parent, volunteer board, governs the Center Grove Aquatic Club.  The board is comprised of several members who oversee and perform the day-to-day work of the swim club. A complete list of the current board is included on CGAC Board page of this site. Board meetings are held once a month or as necessary. Parents who are willing to contribute their time and talents are essential to the successful operation of the club.

 Q: How do I become a member of the Board of Directors?  

A: If you are interested in becoming a member of the Board of Directors contact the CGAC Board President via email at [email protected]

 Q: How do I become involved with a committee?  

A: If you would like to become involved with a committee please send an email to any board member for more information.