Meet signups are managed through our team website: CGAC website.  


  1. Sign onto the CGAC website at using your password.
  2. In order to RSVP your swimmer for a swim meet or complete your job sign up for one of our home meets, you have to login to the website with your password.
  3. On the home page, in the middle bottom section, you will see our list of Meet Events (these are the swim meets listed on our schedule). 
  4. Click on the meet you are signing up for. A new screen will open where you can view meet information, including the meet dates, meet format, the RSVP deadline, entry requiremetns and a map to the pool.  If the meet packet is available, a link to the meet packet will also be available on this page. 
  5. Click the “Attend/Decline” button in the upper right hand corner
  6. Click on your swimmer’s name (it is a hyperlink) below the demo info.  
  7. On the declaration page, you will access a drop down bar. There will be a choice of “Yes, please sign (your swimmer's name) up for this event” or “No, thanks (your swimmer's name) will not attend this event.”  Selecting YES, means you are declaring your swimmer’s intent to compete at the meet.
  8. Please select NO if you do not plan on attending, so that the coach knows that you have considered your attendance at the meet.  
  9. If you select YES, you will have a choice of which days to attend.  Most meets are held Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You may select one, two or all 3 days to attend.  Make sure to select the rectangular box on the bottom right corner that states “SAVE CHANGES” or your request will not be saved and processed.  
  10. The screen will change to show the athlete’s name, a box with a check mark, and “committed.”  You must repeat this process for each swimmer in your family who is competing in the swim meet.  
  11. Notes Section to the Coach. There is a rectangular comment free text field for entering notes or special instructions for the coaches.  Although the coaches will select the events that your swimmer will participate in, you may place a request or suggestion to the coach in this section. This is the place to inform the coaches on which days your swimmer will attend the meet. Note: Your swimmer may not be able to participate in various events due to a maximum time requirement or a time requirement for an event.  The coach will ultimately determine if the event is appropriate for your swimmer.
  12. If you need to make changes to the entry after the deadline has passed, please contact your swimmer’s Coach via email immediately to let them know of a change in plans for a meet.  There are fees associated with competing at meets.  Pay close attention to the RSVP deadlines.

A few things to consider: Compiling a heat sheet and team line up that is fair, balanced and competitive is one of the most challenging aspects of the coach’s job. Having swimmers be a no show or forget to notify their coach until the day of the meet that they have a conflict, causes considerable hardship to the coach and the team. In some instances, 'scratching a meet' or failing to notify the coach your swimmer is not attending a meet can have a big impact other swimmers especially if your swimmer was supposed to be on a relay team. Please let the coach know as soon as possible if your swimmer will not attend the meet or swim an event that has already been confirmed.


Confirming your Events: The coaches will send an email when meet entries are posted at the pool on the bulletin board near the front entrance, along with the deadline date for any changes needed to the RSVP/meet entries.  Pay close attention the deadlines for RSVP.

If you would like there to be a change in your swimmers meet entry, please speak with your group coach asap. Final postings of the entries will be made after the closing date of the meet.